I know this is overkill for those of you who may have responded to an Omnipod thread a while back, but I'm currently debating on whether or not to give it a shot possibly.  Get it, "shot" (; I just want to get more feedback on experiences with it.  I honestly don't mind giving myself shots at all.  I really don't, and with that being said I'm probably leaning towards sticking with manual injections.  I guess my biggest fear is failure rate on these devices.  It could be a really low failure rate, 1:10,000 but it seems like that 1 time could kill you.  Maybe my fears are misplaced.  Let me know! 

When they fail the alarm sounds.  At least that's my experience with them.  And 99 times out of 100 they fail during priming, when you're inserting a new one.  Chances that one will actually kill you are probably slim to none.  Especially since you change them out every 3 days.  The likelihood that you'll die inside of that 3 day window is probably nonexistent.  And if you're testing your blood sugar you'll notice if something goes wrong....just like with shots.  You can adjust along the way if need be.

Not trying to sway you towards omnipods...just trying to alleviate the fear that you'll actually die when using them.  I've been on omnipod for 3 years and I love it.

I'm not saying it fails, and I stop getting insulin and I'll die.  I'm saying it malfunctions, shoots me with 12U of novolog and my blood sugar plumets in a matter of minutes.


    I've been using my Omnipod since this past March.  Before that I just lived with injections for 30t YEARS.  Using a pump has been great.  I've had less to worry about these past few months.  You say that you're worried about being given extra insulin;  I've never had to deal with that yet.  I think the only mistakes that have been made with incorrect insulin dosing have been because I may miscalculate the carbs in a given meal.  If you check you blood sugar on a regular basis like most do on this site you won't have any issues.  If you thinking about, you should try the Omnipod, and if you don't like using a pump just switch back.

Hi Kristen   I just read what  you wrote about the OmniPod.  I'm getting ready to start using it myself.  I like the idea of not being tied up with tubing and never liked the idea of dealing with scar tissue  etc that happens I've heard with a regular pump.   I'm really excited to use this and enjoy a more normal life.

We're leaving tomorrow am for Albuquerque, NM for the Int'l Balloon Fiesta, but as soon as we are back, I'll get my training on using the OmniPod.

Do you have any suggestions for a first timer????

I've had type I since 1969, I was 16 at the time.  Now 40 years later and still going complications.