Getting an Insulin Pump

So, apparently it's possible to get a bloody insulin site and hit an artery or vein. I'm scared to get an insulin pump now because I HATE anything sticking in my veins or arteries. Just typing that makes me feel weak o.o Help???

You won't hit an artery. They don't run that close to the surface. You may hit a vein, but it is not any more likely than with a regular insulin injection. I only had 2 bloody sites with 5 years of pumping. If you do hit a vein you will most likely find inconsistent blood sugars and the first thing you do is change the site. No problems. I did hit a "gusher" once when I pulled the site out and it kind of freaked me out. But again, that was only once in 5 years. So I always had a kleenex on hand just in case it happened again.

Okay, thanks! Haha I was worried(: I think I'm going to get an OmniPod :D

Hi Abby, I was also scared to start my insulin pump for the same reason and for the pain that people had told me, but honestly as months pass by you will get used to it and you will know what to do if you hit a vein. Yes, it is not true that you will hit an artery I too had a gusher once since I started pumping, but I think you will be fine! Good luck!! :)

Curious which pump you decided to get.  I have done 3-day tests on the t:slim, Ping, and OmniPod and still am not sure which one is right for me.  I have had no problems with bleeding and I would think that would be a rare event.

How do you like the OmniPod now?  I am on the last day of a trial and am torn between the positives of the convenience of tubeless and not having to carry the PDA all the time and the negative of the pod size.  Anyone else out there with stories about pump successes or failures?

I use a pump and I don't know what "PDA" you are referring.  I have a Glucose Monitor, but that is necessary for every variety of glucose management.  Are you talking about the pump looking like a small PDA?  I agree it's larger and heavier than ideal but hopefully newer models will get smaller.  Also, the size makes it possible to pump for 3-4 days consecutive (or more) between infusion site changes.  And it's slim enough and mobile enough for me to wear for a squat or deadlift routine at the gym.  I expected someone would notice and ask about it at the gym, but nothing so far.  I learned last week I could slide it to my lateral back side and I had full mobility for deadlifts - and when I sat on the gym bench for presses it was lateral enough to not contact the bench.  That's surprising since I have a 30-32 inch waist and not much extra size to reach out over the edges of the bench.

For Omnipods the PDA (PDM) operates the pump, setting basal rates and giving boluses.  

For One Touch Pings the PDA (PDM) lets you bolus remotely and is also a glucose meter.  

Medtronic Minimeds are different.  Most operations are done on the pump iteself, with the remote just for remote boluses (but a lot of people don't get the remote because it's another $100 not covered by insurance).

OOPS  I should have said PDM, the controller for the pod in the OmniPod system.  I have ordered the Tandem t:slim and will hopefully start up soon. I just felt I had the best control with the t:slim.   As for getting extra time on an infusion set, I have been told that the danger in going longer than the recommended 3 days is a decrease in effective insulin absorption at the site.  Is that right?

Double oops... knew it was a PD something. =)

By the 3rd day of a site I notice decreased insulin sensitivity.  But the biggest problem I've found in going over the 3-day rule is that it takes the skin longer to heal.  Pumping is hard on your skin after a few years, so try every site you can (stomach, upper thighs, back, rear end, arms) and don't overuse the skin.

Been using a Medtronic pardigm for 2+ yrs now and have had 2 "gushers" I keep a paper towel ready when removing my infusion set now and with gentle pressure and 2 or 3 minutes later, problem solved. after injecting insulin for more than 28 yrs I have to say, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO INJECTIONS :) I finally have control of my diabetes rather than the other way around. Which ever pump you decide on I'm 100% sure after 6 mths you wont want to go back either. Welcome to pumping, your life is gonna change for the better.