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Hi everyone! I’m wondering if any Omnipod users could share their feedback on the system. I’m hoping to get an Omnipod within the next month, but I wanted to get some user feedback. I’m currently doing injections about 4-8 times per day. I also wear a Dexcom G5 currently. I started wearing that back in August and I love it! I’m wanting to of course hear both the pros AND cons of the Omnipod. Any insight into personal experience with the Omnipod system would be fantastic! I’m very excited to start wearing a pump after almost 6 years of injections, but I want to be prepared for the road ahead with the switch to a pump. Any specifics in relation to wearing BOTH the Omnipod and the Dexcom would be great as well.

Hi - I’m also thinking of making the exact same switch (Omnipod and Dexcom).

The biggest concern I have is wearing any kind of pump while I’m sleeping. I can be a restless sleeper so I’m worried the tubes would get tangled up which is why I’m thinking of the Omnipod.

Thoughts appreciated!

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Hi - I have had type 1 diabetes for 42 years and have seen lots of technologies over that time. I currently wear the Omnipod system and use the Dexcom G5 system with my Iphone. The system works great together.

The Omnipod is extremely easy to use. Since it has no tubing and is worn directly on the body there are no issues on where to tuck the tubing or worries about catching it on door nobs. No worries about dropping it in the toilet…none of that. The Omnipod system is waterproof so you only need to take it off when you are changing out your Pod…Fill it with enough insulin for 3 days and off you go. I don’t even know I have it on until I need to use it…correction bolus or meal bolus.

I love my Dexcom system. I can look at it any time and see exactly what my glucose is doing. It also alarms to let me know if I am above my target and alarms if I am below my target. (It really helps to keep me in my target zone.) It makes it easy to make corrections to my insulin allowing me to spend more time in my target zone. I also love the Dexcom Clarity software. It shows me at a glance what my average glucose has been over a 30, 60 or 90 day time frame with a nice graph that shows percentage of time above target, at target and below target. A great motivator. The two used together are fantastic!


Hi, I have been on the Omnipod for six years now and I love it. I am a professional tap dancer so wearing the Omnipod was the best pump decision for me. Since it has no tubing it never gets caught and I do not have to disconnect while I am onstage performing. Being on the Omnipod has made my life a lot easier and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in getting it.

I am in the process of getting back on the Dexcom system I was on it for a while and it helped immensely with the many hours that I spend in rehearsals and performing keeping my blood sugar regulated. I had to stop using the Dexcom for a while because my insurance wouldn’t cover it and I could not pay for it out of pocket but not being on the Dexcom has been difficult and I can not wait to start using it again!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve decided to go with the Omnipod… I tried their demo and I barely noticed I had it on - even when trying to sleep - so I’m looking forward to getting on this pump.

I’ve had the Omnipod for around 10 years and I’ve been using the Dexcom system for about 2 years. I love my Omnipod, but it does have some cons. A couple of things to be aware of: 1) I’ve gone into DKA twice with my Omnipod because the cannula (tube inside of my skin) was kinked and I had no idea. From the little window on the pods it looked fine. But as soon as I removed the pod it was obvious the cannula was bent. So if you notice yourself feeling sick and your blood sugar is a bit higher than normal (for me my blood sugar was only in the 200’s both times- so not that high, which is why I didn’t realize I had gone into DKA) just change the pod. It saves you a lot of heartache to just change a pod if you’re unsure of it than to end up in the hospital for a few days. 2) In my experience (this might be different for other people) the last 20 units in my pod are garbage. Once it alerts me that my pod is low on insulin (I have the alert set for 25 units) I just change it. For some reason those last 20 units never work on me. No idea why.

Personally I’m switching to another pump system because I’m looking for something that interacts with my CGM. BUT I have absolutely adored my Omnipod and it has sooo many benefits. It’s definitely not a bad pump! :slight_smile:

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My daughter has had the Omnipod system since 8/30/2017. She is a very active gymnast and a ‘flipper’ while sleeping. We have never had any of these issues of the pod coming off. The ONLY time this HAS happened, is while playing outside at recess at school, a friend accidentally kicked her RIGHT where her pod was. Changed it out, and off she went back to recess.

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Thanks - very informative!

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