Omnipod free demo

I was just recently diagnosed with T1D about 2 months ago and I just received an omnipod free demo. I am currently trying it on my arm to see how it feels but would like to hear stories, advice or information from people who actually use this. I am the only one among my friends and family that have T1D, so I am definitely needing support.

My 10 year-old daughter has been using OmniPod since December 2017, and she is very happy with it. She wears it on her arm, stomach and lower back/buttocks. She got used to wearing it very quickly. Whenever we have had any issues, Insulet has been great to work with. My biggest concern for her was that she would forget her PDM since it is not attached like a traditional pump, but that has only happened twice, and she learned pretty quickly that she can’t forget it. The tubeless part of the equation has proved beneficial with things like Swim Team and other activities.

Thank you that’s helpful. I am glad it has been working out for your daughter!

I definitely recommend that you use omnipod.