Omnipod Dash PDM Sound

Hey everyone,

As you may or may not be aware you can disable the pod sound by hitting the kill switch before you put on you pod (and the pod still works!).

However, the PDM still beeps (and never stays on vibrate mode :roll_eyes:). Granted not as loud as the Pod but still would like the ability to temporarily or permanently disable the speaker so I can bring my PDM to meetings without it going off.

Some options I have thought of:

• Sound proof pouch

Problem: haven’t been able to find anything that doesn’t also block Bluetooth which defeats the point of having the pouch (still might try this if there are no better options)

• Headphone Jack

Problem: The dash comes with a headphone jack but I’m not sure an alert will only come through headphones and not the speaker as well.

• Taping the speaker

Problem: I tried this with electrical tape and scotch tape and it didn’t have a noticeable impact.

• Disabling the speaker via code

Problem: I’m in the IT field so I think I have the technical skills to do this but I’m hesitant to attempt to gain access to the code. At least not without some more intimate knowledge of the PDM code.

Does anyone else have any ideas (I’m willing to experiment) or solution they have tried?


(PS. An easy solution might be switching pumps. But, I live an active lifestyle and really don’t see tubing as an option for me. In addition to the fact I want to be as discrete as possible.)

You have a real problem with the sound. Thoughts - I have been a pumper for 12 years - but not with a Pod + PDM. I am retired from 40+ years in healthcare including 15 years on the streets in EMS.

1] Forget about being discrete. Many times people’s attempts to hide conditions makes things worse. I can think of many EMS runs where this was true. If I were on the streets today and made a run because you were down, if I found a pump, I would check a bg instead of wasting time with Narcan, the first step for a breathing, unresponsive person. If I found a CGM, I would check a bg and compare with CGM. Point, make it easy for EMS to care for you in an emergency by making you pump & CGM easy to find.

2] Now to the sound, what about a foam tape patch over the speaker. I see you have tried thin tape. Try two or three layers of foam tape, usually 1-2 millimeters thick. Try holding it on with several rubber bands so you can experiment and remove easily.

3] I am very happy with a Tandem t:Slim with Control IQ software. I can silence the alarms or not. My A1C has come down a more than a full point from over 7.5 to between 6.0 & 6.4.

4] Use the alarms to kill meetings. Aren’t most meetings a WOT anyway? WOT=waste of time. This is the satire answer. ((( GRIN ))) Might be a way to get out of jury duty if you are ever called and want a way out…

Let me know which way you do and what works.

Thanks for the reply! I’m going to try the foam tape first, I’ll post on here my results.

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