Omnipod and volleyball

My newly diagnosed 14 year old daughter is considering the omnipod. Can someone give an opinion as to whether they think the Omnipod can sustain the rigor of a back row passer who rolls around a lot on the court?

I am a current student athlete who uses the omnipod and I honestly love it. I have played basketball, volleyball, and I row. The main reason I switched to the omnipod (I had previously been a pump that had tubing) was eliminate the necessity to unhook from my pump when playing because the contact sports were not conducive to having tubing the could get caught and result in my site being pulled off. In terms of rolling on the ground a lot with volleyball, it may take a bit of playing around to find what works… That being said I was able to find somethings that worked for me while I was playing volleyball, that aloud me to play and not have to worry about my pod falling off all the time.

I find the hardest place to wear the pod if I am going to have a lot of contact with the ground or the possibility of physical contact while playing that might knock the pod off, is my back. So depending on the level that your daughter is playing a, considering where she is comfortable wearing the pod is an important question. Besides that there are also certain additional adhesives that can be used to help make the pod “stick” a bit more firmly. Also, if you can find a type of wrap that can go around the pod. For example, if she if wearing the pod on her backside of stomach one that would wrap around her torso, that helps to add a layer of security by keeping the pod close to the body. I have one that is spandex.

Hope this helps!