Omnipod and football

My 12 year old son is getting on the Omnipod and plays football.  He is concerned that there is not a safe place to put the pod.  does anyone have experience with this?

Hey, I wear a pump and play baseball. I don't know if you can disconnect the pod at all, but if you can it might be best too well he's playing. Originally my doctor told me to wear my pump while I played, but I found out the hard way it was a bad idea. I was running the bases, dove back to first, and crushed my pump. From then on what I'd do is give myself a bolus according to how long the pump would be off for (say, I'd have it off for an hour, I'd give myself 1 unit because my resting basal is 1U/hr). This means I have to plug the pump in about twice a game and give but I don't mind. I also test my sugar about 3 times a game to be safe. It's not the most effective way to do things and probably takes some tweeking, so if you can find a safe place to insert it that's probably best. 

Hi! I wear the omnipod and I play soccer sometimes! I find that the best area to put it during a practice/game is in the upper abs/right under the chest!


i wear the omni pod and have been since i was diagnosed. i was the first girl my age to get it at childrens hospital. i play volleyball and basketball and cheerleading with it on. throught the time ive had it ive learned that the best two places to put it is one the back of your arm( then if your arm is skinney enough) put a tennis wrist thing around it so it stays in place and the second place which i think is the best is the back of my hip wher the fatty tissue area is. its hard for me to fing places to put my omni pod because i dont have any fat on my body and those are the two places that dont hurt as much and that stay on longer. i hope this helps(:

and if your son doesnt want it to look so blah. i put tatoos on it before i put it on so it looks cute and not so plain(: