Offically back on shots and off the Omni Pod

Ive bee having a lot of problems with my Omni Pod over that past few months.

At first it was giving me bad rashes to the point where my skin started to ooze this odd liquid. I tried everything and saw everyone that I could. Even my Omni Pod rep told me to get off the pods after she saw how bad my rashes were. Well today I went out to eat with my family. Normally I stay away from high carb foods but today I decided to treat myself... well I had some fries and I gave myself the right amount of insulin, only problem was the rashes on my skin caused the front of the pod to lift and cause the canula to lift out of my skin and bend backwards. .Therefor I got no insulin. I was giving myself some correction insulin when I started to smell insulin thats when I looked at my pod and discovered it was all wet with the insulin I should have gotten at lunch. I didn't realize this until my BG was 500!! Thats the highest it's been in over a year! This is the 3rd time this has happened and its very dangerous! So I decided to get off the pods and go back to injections. I really don't want to because I loved the freedom the pump gave me. But after thinking more about it  I really don't want to cause permanent damage to my skin. If anyone else has had similar problems Id love to hear from you. Also I am looking at some other pump options even though I am not a big fan of tube pumps. Any suggestions? I also am looking to go on to the new solo pump once its released in 2012!




If I were you, I would research the infusion sets for various pumps - get samples of each - and then figure out which ones your skin can handle.

(On a side note, I assume you tried some barrier products - I used to get a rash from my CGM but since using Cavilon wipes, I have been fine.)

Doesn't seem like the pods are benefiting you one bit.  It is amazing how some people's skin can have such a reaction to things.  Just wanted to say good luck with injections.

Well, I think if you really like the system and idea of the pump (like, less needles, more precise control, etc.) then you may want to try out some sets of tube pumps. I have the Minimed Paradigm 722 and I use the QuickSets. Here is a link:

I like being able to disconnect at-site, and I've never had a problem with the cannula coming out of my skin accidentally. The site fell out once but that was from being in the ocean for like 3 days in a row :)

I have fairly sensitive skin; I get heat rashes and stuff, but I rarely have any sort of rash problem with this kind of set. Sometimes the skin is a little red when I take the site off but that may be just because I took adhesive off my skin, like it would be with a band-aid. If I sweat an awful lot, I think sometimes that affects the site because the sweat can't get off my skin, but again it clears right up after I get the site off. No oozing or anything like that!

Don't know how you feel about inserters (I MUST have one!) so if you don't need one that will open up a world of possibilities for sites used with tube pumps.

You may want to call Minimed, explain your situation, and ask them to ship you some samples. They would probably do it for free, and you could try the sites even without a pump, just to see what happens with your skin. 

Good luck!

i've heard about the solo, and i really want to look into that one when it comes out. Currently i'm on the Animas Ping, and i have pretty senesative skin, and so far i've been okay! I have experianced the frustration, of a pump site not working and going up to 500's.. Although, my highest was just 400 something, its very frustrating and i kow i feel HORRIBLE during those numbers.

i hope you find something that works for you :)

Hillary, do what works for you.   The pump is one option to deliver insulin.  Luckily these days we have choices.  I, and many others on here can remember when it wasn't that way.  Sometime the old ways are good too.  I know I certainly wouldn't put up with all the problems you've had.

Again, what works for you is what is best.

I wish you luck and hope you find the answer you are looking for.

i got off of as soon as i can my skin was geting a  really bad rash & my skin was geting infection so my mom made me get off of it & go back to shots im on the Insulin Pump now.

I'm sorry that happened to you! I've been hearing a lot of people talking about their Omni Pods giving them rashes, so it isn't just you.

I've been on an Animas 2020 ever since my old Animas pump stopped working. I'm really happy with it, and I use the Inset infusion sets as well. I haven't had any problems with rashes, but my skin isn't all that sensitive.

Sorry I couldn't be much help, but good luck trying to find another pump. (:

i got on a another pump it is better that the omni pod.

Hey! I have an allergic reaction any time I take insulin, but on the pump, it really caused severe hives, going into the same spot for three days straight. I'm on MDI now. Hopefully another pump will work for you, But, I've had fine a1c's with shots, and I actually sort of like not being attached (except to my CGM, lol).

im on the Dana Diabecare II by soil.

Hey Hilary , When I got on my  pump I would get really bad rashes I went to the dr and the gave me cream that helped mabey you'll be one of the unlucky diabetics who have to change there site more often . i know when I had my first sensor I couldn't even where it because im allergic to the adhesives . Do you use anything to prep the site I used Iv prep  and it irritated my skin

Hi Nikki,

Yeah I saw a dermatologist and he gave me cream and told me there was not much he could do for me. I used IV prep wipes, I used tegaderm films, mastisol everything under the moon, even my Omni Pod Rep told me I should get off of the pump until I can resolve the issues. It stinks because I loved the pump but the rashes were unbearable. Apparently I am not the only one using the Omni Pod getting rashes. But whats weird is that I am using the  Iport for my injections and the adhesive for that doesn't give me rashes, but the adhesive for the Omni Pod does...

My daughter just started the pod in May, and so far she hasn't had a reaction, however when she first started the pump (a Cozmore - they no longer make it), she had reactions to the adhesive, but we were able to use a sticker barrier to prevent the reaction.  I like the tubing pumps better - they have a lot more features to help manage the diabetes....but I am not the one wearing it, and for my daughter, no tubing wins!  Which is completely understandable!



My son also started pumping with the Cozmore but like you we switched to the Omnipod. He loves the freedom of the pods and tubeless pumping. No rashes although some redness. Blood sugars have been much better (more consistent) on the pump than shots. Good luck.

I tried the omnipod a while back after using a minimed for years and the omnipod was very unreliable and dangerous to me; so I sent it back and went back to a minimed.  You got some good advice from the others about trying other pumps, I wouldnt give up on them, they give you so much more freedom.