Old meters

My employer switched insurance on us, and the new insurance prefers a different brand meter. We have 4 Contour Next meters we were given for free when DD was diagnosed a year ago (home, school, my bag, and a spare, which got used 3x/day, 1x/day, a few times, and never, respectively). What do you do with your old meters? Does anyone need them, does anyone want the data on them, are the parts recyclable, etc.?

My insurance was like that. I called them, found the right person to speak with, and explained how the Contour works together with the Medtronic pump. They added the Contour on their okay list as a result. Worth a try, even a letter to the President of your insurance company.

it is pretty common for 1 kind of strip to be less “favorable” than another kind of strip from the perspective of insurance. If they make you pay more for the contour strips, and they have a good alternate, like the J&J meter (one touch) for example then it’ sno big deal. you might want to donate the meter to your endo, or to the hospital or old folks home.

the meters are not recyclable, and for the most part they are very cheap to make. most would consider them disposable. it’s the strips that are expensive.