Opinion on meter to buy?

Hello! I’ve gone a little crazy with testing because of being obsessed with my Dexcom data (getting better but still tested more than I should have) and I had a stint where my insulin was out of whack which caused me to test more than usual. I want to buy a cheaper meter (currently use a Meter built into omnipod) as my doctor said my insurance won’t approve more strips and I can’t get more until early March through insurance. Anyone have any suggestions on an accurate meter whose strips are cheaper to buy over the counter than freestyle? I don’t want to cheap out if my meter is going to be way off but definitely don’t want to have to spend $80 for a box of 50 strips either. I looked at good rx and didn’t see much of a difference there. Thanks for the help!

Insurances do vary but you might see if your pharmacy can do an override, or if your doctor can write a new prescription. I’ve occasionally gotten a one time override on a med and they filled it early. I’ve also purchased strips off eBay and gotten some really good deals - be sure to check the expiration date.
Someone posted this a few days ago on the forum: Free test strips/lancets - General - JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum.
I also have a rx for test strips - even with the G6 I do have to do a fingerstick of its warning up when I’m getting ready to eat, and I test occasionally for other reasons, so you may not have to go out of pocket.
Wishing you the best.

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Thanks! I’ll ask the pharmacy about the override directly. My endo wasn’t too happy with how often I was testing which i get, but at the same time I had a fluke Dexcom sensor and like I said had a period where I really needed to do a lot of trial and error with my basal.

In my area, Freestyle seems to be the MOST expensive option. I refused to use it as my insurance only covers one brand and that’s not it.
I recommend, still use and pay out of pocket for any of the contour next meters/strips. They aren’t the least expensive but I don’t have many failures and they’re about as accurate as a home meter gets.
If your in the us, there are lots of options to get strips less than 1.60 a strip.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at that. I have heard good things about that and agree with you about freestyle being super expensive. If it wasn’t built into my omnipod, I don’t think I’d go with them either. I have to get special permission from my insurance to cover them as well.

I recently went to Rite Aid and bought a box of 50 Accuchek Guide test strips for $27. I use the G6 and when I am wary of the accuracy for some reason, the Guide is generally within 7-15 of the g6. It’s accurate. I keep my g6 in my arm and I often get compression lows regularly due to my small build. I like having the option to double check. Having cheap options without having to mess with insurance is an emotional lifesaver…

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I know this is a little old, and I hope you found one that works. Often the manufacturers will give sample of the machines to endocrinologists to give out to their patients so no need to buy. Also if you can find the phone number for the customer service department for the manufacturer you can tell them you lost yours and they will send you a new one. I have done that with legitimate actual loss of machines over the years. While talking to the rep apparently they will send you one a year. The machines are relatively cheap to make and the companies make more on the strips you will have to use if you’re using their machine. I just tested my accuchek link (did a blood test when i got my blood taken) Took a picture of the screen of that and the reading from my sensor. The link was spot on with the tested results, my sensor was only 3 off for a change.

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