Official "member" of the T1 club

I don't know if I should be jumping up and down or not, but the endo I just met with this morning has confirmed that I really truly am T1 and not T2 (like I've been told for the past 6 years).  Something about finally having all your suspicions confirmed can be such a relief... and a "holy cow" moment all in one.  Either way - here I am!

Welcome to the t1 club

Welcome to Club 1 and Juvenation!!!!

well i'm glad to hear it was figured out! i'm sure it was hard to be told you were a T2 when you thought(and correctly) that you are a T1!

You sound so excited about it. haha

Glad to hear you finally have an answer, though not an ideal one.  Hey, at least you're stuck with a bunch of cool people now!  (Us on Juvenation).  :)

That has to be a relief! Hopefully you'll be getting the correct treatment now too! Welcome to the club, unfortunately.


Thanks guys!  It is a relief to finally feel like I'm on the right track.

Hello Jenn, welcome aboard! It is amazing to see how many type 1 diabetics are initially diagnosed as type 2. I have read so many times on the diabetes sites about that happening. There was a long discussion about that on a larger site and many people stated that it had happened to them. Some of them were diagnosed as type 2 because they were older, or overweight. Many doctors do not seem to realize that type 1 can occur at any age, and it can occur with overweight people too.

I'd relieved too to have an exact diagnosis!

That's the part that is most surprising to me; how I feel about it all.  I thought I had prepared myself for the Dr. to say T1... but I guess I prepared myself more for him to say "Nope, T2 you just need to do better".  It's almost like hearing the diagnosis for the first time all over again.