OmniPod Soon... Any Advice?

So it looks like there's a good chance that I'm going to be giving the OmniPod pump system a shot here soon and was just trying to get advice from you guys that may be using it.

I know I've posted asking about the OmniPod before but it was more for info to base a decision and now it looks like I'm going to go with it, just have to get everything squared away with the insurance in the Insulet corporation rep.  So feel free to enlighten me on any advice, issues, concerns that you've had to deal with!  Thanks!

I have been using he omnipod for 6th months now. it was the best decision I have ever made. I can never imagine going back to shots, ever.

Thanks for the feedback.  Is there a steep learning curve, or is it relatively simple to get used to?  Also, how much goes into getting all the levels and everything figured out.  Are you pretty much a guinea pig pig on yourself for the first week or so, or are you using mostly the number same numbers that you were injecting before but just honing them in to be more precise?  I'm sure my doc can answer a lot of these questions, but first hand experience is also a very good resource.

Hi Matt,

I think you'll be shocked at how easy it is use.  As for your numbers, your endo/trainer will figure out a starting basal rate for you (it will be about 80% of what you use now, spaced over 24 hours).  You'll probably need to do some minor adjustments to that, but hopefully you'll have it all figured out within a short time.  Your I:C ratios should stay the same.

Congrats on getting your pump.  It really does make like easier.

My daughter has had hers for two weeks today and she absolutely loves it.  We spent about 2 hrs training on it, programming it and inserting it.  She did it herself the first time with no trouble!  My husband adjusted numbers on it one time and that was easy too.  The glucometer  feature was a little different as she was using the Activa, but once she figured it out it was good. 


Okay, so you asked advice about the omnipod...well, I have used it for over a year now, and I absolutely LOVE it! I've never used a traditional pump, with a tube and everything, so I cannot compare it to that. But, the omnipod has DEFINITELY made a hugeeee impact (in a good way) on my life. It has made type 1 diabetes SOOO much easier to control! 

So, pros: it is tubeless (without a doubt, a great thing), it is waterproof (so you can swim, shower, whatever with it...just be careful not to take the PDM, or the handheld controller, in too :-) haha). It calculates your bolus and all that good it has a color screen. Also, if you want, there are like these rubber covers that you can buy from the company that help to protect it if it drops or something.

Cons: the pods themselves do not stay attached to the sticky material very well. What I do, and i would recommend, is to take some kind of IV prep (which is like a big, clear, sticky thing) or something similar and use that to hold it down. (note: I am not sure about you, but I am a guy, and an active one in sports and rough-housing and stuff...and while doing those kinds of activities, the pod has a chance to be ripped off of you)...and another con would be that if you do not move the site where you inject the cannula enough and change it so it is far enough away, the injection could be painful and lead to bruising. and finally, the pod's size: they are pretty big and bulky

Well, that is my overview on the more thing I would like to add: they have not put this out on the market yet, but I wanted to let you know about a new pump, similar to the OmniPod, that will be coming out soon (hopefully anyway) that is called the Solo MicroPump. It also is tubeless, and it is in fact a little slimmer than the OmniPod...just something else to look at and maybe consider (their website is )...however, since nothing other insulin pump has been released that has been tubeless, the new competition might in fact spur improvements with the tubeless insulin pump, so watch out for that.

Well, I'm sorry I wrote so much, but I hope what i said helps!

Really appreciate your post.  Just filed out an info request for the Micro Pump.  Also, did you work with a doctor a lot on getting your basal rate and everything figured out?  

I live an hours from my primary physician and so I've been looking for a local endo but I also don't want to shell out a lot of copays for some doctor to show me how to put a pump on.  Anyone out there who has this, what kind of dr. visits did you need to get used to the pump?  I'd prefer not to have to do any appointments, but I can't control everything!

Funny that I was going on to post pretty much the same question as you.  My daughter that is 7 is going on omnipod in a few weeks.  We are excited but a little nervous also.  I am also wondering about the adjusting of the numbers/pump/ basal.  When I brought it up to my daughters endo they said lets just see, that they would probably just have her on a steady basal for a while and then adjust.  I am kind of wanting a quicker adjust as she tends to need more in the AM.  Also, we want the pump for her sports so I really wish they would tell me how much we should decrease her basal for exercise.  Hope it goes smooth for you!

Hey Matt,


I've been using Omni Pod for almost a year now. It was my first pump and I must say it’s a love hate relationship. The pod system itself is amazing it makes it so you have more freedom, but at the same time it can be frustrating! Sometimes pods will fail for no reason and sometimes they will rip off which can be painful. But compared to other pumps I think it’s great, not having a tube is great. One thing I would suggest to you once you get the OmniPod is to get these wipes that help the pod stick to your skin, I noticed when I would work out that sometimes the pod would start to peel off and loose its stickiness. Or sometimes if you put it on an area that your skin moves a lot it can start to come off, I talked to my doctor about it and she recommend  the wipes that make your skin sticky so the pod will stick to your skin better. If you would like the name of the company who makes the wipes I’d be happy to help. I’ve had some up's and down's with the pump but that’s natural for any insulin pump and I would totally recommend it to anyone. Overall it’s a great system and I wish you the best of luck. 


If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them!

Has anyone on this thread ever used a different insulin pump and then switched to Omnipod?  I have been pumping for 9 years and have had great experience with Animas, which is now owned by Johnson & Johnson.  It seems that all the other pump companies (not Omnipod) are moving toward an integrated CGM system which definitely would be amazing. 

I am totally sick of tubing- it is annoying as a woman to have to figure out if your pump is going to stay put (in bra, waistband of underwear) if you don't have pants with pockets, particularly while working out.  But if I don't need to pull it out all the time to bolus, etc. then maybe the One Touch Ping would be just fine.

I'm also concerned about Omnipod because my CDE just told me that some patients using it also take a back up small dose of Lantus - because if you bump it on a doorway and it comes dislodged, you can get ketones and start puking within a couple of hours.  Of course this is true for any pump using only short term insulin, but with the pod you are less likely to know if a bump or something can make it pull out or have other occlusions,  whereas with a regular set, you can push on it and feel the pain, or see blood if you have a bad set.

I have the omnipod and I'm ready to go, but I'm worried about all these things.  I definitely do not want to take lantus as a backup because that totally DEFEATS the purpose of having a pump at all!

Thanks, advice welcome, esp from those who used Omnipod AFTER using a different system.


My daughter has been on the OmniPod for a little over a year.  The pod is awesome.  We have been so happy with it.  Once you have your initial meeting with the rep to show how to put it on and set up your PDM, the rest can be done over email.  It takes a while to get your basal rate and bolus amounts set correctly.  I think we changed numbers for about a month before I felt like we had the right numbers.  They will probably have you check at 12/3 am to get those overnight basal rates set correctly.  You kind of go back to how you had to test when you were first diagnosed.  It has a learning curve but it is so worth it!!!   If you really try to test a lot and get accurate numbers in your PDM, you will get to a point where everthing is automatic and simple.

The Omnipod company is fantastic.  Any person I have ever been in contact with is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. 

It doesn't cure your diabetes but it sure makes life easier.  It does get knocked off, it does malfunction occasionally but the cons do not even come close to the freedom it gives our daughter.  The advanced features are awesome too.  We are just starting to use the system to its full potential and could not be happier.  I would be happy to answer any other questions you had.  Good luck.

Hey Matt, i've been on the omnipod for almost a year now and its is great! it is soo much easier than shots, and def more pain free :) it is very easy to use, you will get the hang of it within the first few days. Feel free to message me with any questions, good luck!


i ues to be on it but i got off of it  i was geting a  really bad rash & my skin was geting infection.


The same thing happened to me so I had to get off the pod too until they can fix whatever is causing the rashes. Good to know I am not the only one who had that problem.

it was so bad that im did not want to go to bed Because it will hure from the infection & from the rash so my mom made me get off of it & go back to shots im on the  insulin pump now.