I asked Emmie today where she wanted her shot.  She has an amazing memory and knows to rotate so I always let her choose, it helps give her some control.  My sweet five year old looked straight at me and said "nowhere mommy."  My heart broke, shots suck and so does diabetes.

-Meg (mommy to Emmie, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)

i'm so sorry!! When i was younger i said the same things :) it sucks!

my five year old once said to me 'you don't have to check my sugar mommy. it's okay, i've decided i don't have diabetes today'. aww, broke my heart. sometimes he will pick 'nowhere' for his injections too (we also let him choose but he will almost never pick his tummy or bum- only arms and legs. we keep encouraging him to 'give all the sites a turn' but soon we will have to force him to rotate more, but i guess that is another topic al together:)

These stories break my heart!  These little ones endure so much.  The good news is that there are so many who have grown through this on Juvenation.  We know that they'll grow through it too.  Still, it breaks my heart.

I go through the same thing with Brandan on a daily basis. I let him choose the site most of the time and he always chooses his arms or butt (his butt only recently). At least once or twice a day, though, I'll bring the syringe to him and ask him where and he'll say, "I don't want insulin." Injecting his legs has become such a big fight that I don't do it much anymore, gotta choose your battles.

Yeah same with Riley and then I make a silly game out of it saying I am going to pick the spot I either say her nose or some other dumb place she cant have it or I go for her belly or butt. She wont let me near her belly and didnt care for the tush the one time I did it there. So it gets her out of her funk and then she picks a spot normally her arms.

Brandan and I also "play a game" sometimes. When he sees me with the syringe he'll say, "You can't get me" and take off running. When I "capture" him he doesn't mind the shot so much. :) When I'm in the mood I'll prompt the game by coming after him and saying "I'm gonna get you."