Not yet dx

i been checking my blood sugar for a while i am not dx yet but when i wake up my fasting bg is 119 and my after meal bg is usually 271 or higher this has been going on for 2 years now i havent said anything to my doctor bc idk what he would say if its this high would i need to be on insulin or something?

Hi Steven, definitely bring this up with your doctor ASAP. They can give you more information, but an after meal BG of 271 will cause a lot of wear and tear on your body over time. And if you’re catching it now, there may be trials or something else you can get into to delay onset of a full diagnosis. But medical intervention is needed either way.

i will also after a few hours my bg brings it self down but it takes awhile this scares me alot

Hi Steven @bsteven1991 - Welcome to TypeOneNation, we are happy that you joined.
Please take Lala’s @lalajackson advice and see your doctor soon - hopefully an endocrinologist who knows TypeOne Diabetes - and bring with you your BG Check results, buth before and after meals.
Something I’ve learned, and developed, while living through six decades with diabetes, is that it is important to write down things like BG, meals, activities including anything unusual and have questions written down for your doctor.
I hope you have a “good” physician who will listen to you and respond; it may also be to your advantage for the doctor to refer you to a Certified Diabetes Educator [a CDE] who will work hands-on with you.
Good Luck to you ++++

i saw my doctor and my fasting bg was 147 so now they want to run more tests i am sorry its taken me time to respond back i am afraid to see what my a1c test is i do have a question what level a1c does it have to be to put on meds if any i heard if its higher then 9 they put you on insulin kinda scared bc i dont like deal with that

Steven @bsteven1991, don’t get too caught up in numbers - they are not a goal, but rather a piece of information upon which you can make decisions. You goal right now should be getting “the correct” diagnosis and then, with your doctor, create a plan of action for you to live a long, full, active and productive life.
HbA1c is a wonderful tool for managing diabetes [I played a small part in the development of this test] but it is not, and was never intended, as the final word. I know a very healthy guy who has a much higher A1c than I - but he doesn’t have diabetes.
The bottom line Steven is that if you do have TypeOne you will need to take insulin. A human body NEEDS insulin.

ik i am new to all this tommrrow i am nervous as heck