244 BG 8 hours fasting

First post so I’ll provide a little background. Was diagnosed at 37 and now just turned 51.

Did not really take my diagnoses serious until I had an episode of blacking out and busting my face open on my nightstand.

Starting May 10th I have completely changed my diet, exercise daily (30 minute brisk walk for now but adding more daily)

Now to today’s situation.

Breakfast this morning was 3 eggs cooked in olive oil, 3 sausage links, 2 pieces of life wheat bread with low sugar strawberry jelly (2 tablespoons) small glass of milk.

I calculate total carb intake of 43.

Prior to breakfast my BG was 191 which I know is high, but doctor currently cut my lantus from 40 units to 30 as I was experiencing multiple lows daily.

8 hours later my BG is 244 and without eating or drinking anything but a couple bottles of water.

One other thing I should mention is I was just today diagnosed with hyper thyroid and took first pill today to get it under control.

I’m completely confused why my BG is still so high when I feel like I am working so hard to keep it in range.

I know it’s a process but I feel like I am doing it wrong the more I try to d the right things.

Thanks I’m advance for bearing with my initial post rant and glad to have found the site.

@Steve2967 hi Steven
There’s a million reasons why your blood sugar was high 8 hours later. You never said what your bolus shot was as in units or type such as R or faster analog such as Humalog or how much insulin you took for your 191.

Basal insulin, when perfect, will not cause your bs to rise or fall over time.

The best thing to do is to test at 2 hours after eating. Then at 4 hours after eating. Then write down your data and discuss it with your endocrinologist.

If I had to guess on just what you said, I’d guess you didn’t take enough insulin for your meal. After 4 hours your blood sugar was still high and stayed high. Hope you have access to an Endo and CDE and that you are doing ok