T1D Revised

Hi my name is Cornel I posted a couple of days but I’m only told the half truth of my issues. I have been an T1D since June 2014, I have blood sugar numbers in the 500s at least 4 to 5 times a week. In the past year I have a had (2) low blood sugar where I couldn’t move and sluggish and my brother to come save me. My last A1C was 10 percent and I’m pretty sure that number will go up when my 3 month check up. The purpose of me joining this discussion group is to find like minded people and understand my daily struggles I have constantly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hey Cornel! Glad to see you’ve joined TypeOneNation! It’s a great place to talk to people who know what you’re going through. It sounds like you’re in a bit of a rough patch right now; I promise, we all have those. Just keep pushing through and it’ll get better. Ask your doctor for advice about keeping your levels under control, and don’t hesitate to ask questions on here too! We’re all here for you.

Hi Cornel @cebanks,

From being low [hypoglycemic] to being in the 500’s a few times every week and with a 10% A1c is reason to have a good discussion with your health care providers at your three month checkup, or sooner. Your A1c indicates that your Body Glucose Level [BGL] has been averaging about 240 consistently over the past 90 days. Just remember that those numbers, the 240 and 10%, are just repost cards and give you an indicator that there is something, or a few things in YOUR diabetes management that you must address.

I sugest, based upon my 60 years living with diabetes, that before you go for your checkup you write down everything you can about the insulin doses you’ve been administering, blood check [I don’t say blood test] results, your activities and what you eat - be sure to include time of day for all of the critical things I just mentioned. You and your doctor may see a pattern and decide on adjustments for you.

By now you must have realized that diabetes management revolves around three things and their timing: Food, Insulin, Activity. Yes, we folk with diabetes can do everything and anything we wiss as long as we have the necessary nutrition from foods to give us the energy and strength and as you know we need to administer insulin to allow the good stuff in that food to work in our bodies and feed the millions of body and brain cells.

Welcome to TypeOneNation; continue visiting here and posting information.

Thank you for the response, how did you come up with the 240 and 10% numbers?

Corner @cebanks, the 240mg/DL and the 10%A1c are numeric equivalents calculated by formula. 139 = 6.5; 106 = 6.0; etc. I have a reference table.

It is interesting to note that the formula devised 45 years ago has been proven by CGM.