Non type 1 vs type 1 cgm graph?

i tried to find a non diabteic cgm graph to see what it looks like compared to a well controlled t1… i had no luck with google… anyone have a link or picture of a normal persons daily bg’s? with what was eaten and drank

@jonboy688 Normal people experience blood sugar variability as well

Here you go

Hi Jonathon @jonboy688, I’m a Normal Person; do you want to see my CGM charts? And it is true that I was diagnosed with diabetes 62 years ago and that I’ve used insulin to stay alive all but two days since diagnosis.
The information that @Joe posted, although not showing pictures, should give you plenty of data to understand that your body reacts to food quite the way the that most all human bodies do. It is just that you need to add insulin to your meals.

i am confused? you are a type one?? or a normal person? as in non diabetic

if so i have no need to see others cgm data… i simply wanted to see how mine compared to a normal person(non diabetic)

my time in range yesterday for example was 100% and average bg was 105 with 16mg/dl standard deviation… i want to compare to see what a general cgm graph looks like for a similar non diabetic

@jonboy688 I think @Dennis was poking fun at my reply. The site does indeed have a CGM chart for a non diabetic and its 80 mg/dl spiking all the way up to 120 mg/dl presumably after meals. Scroll wayyyyyyyy down to see it - figures 1 and 2

Yours is good but a non diabetic is better.

@joe sorry I was confused lol. And yes I know a non diabetics chart should look a lot different then ours… just wanted to see what their levels would climb to. I will check out the link tonight thanks. I have always heard of a non diabetic ate a decent amount of sugar example a banana then theirs would spike, but I was interested in how much is a spike… and how fast their body could bring the spike down compared to ours.

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@joe thanks for the link, it was interesting and didn’t expect the spike after meals in the graph… i knew that high carb content would raise bg levels on non diabetics, but never seeing it on a graph, like i am use to seeing didn’t register

anytime! This is an issue that comes up with regular doctor visits and why a random blood sugar test doesn’t accurately diagnose diabetes.

The picture below are from a “glucose tolerance test” usually given to diagnose potential type-2 diabetes. the “normal” curve is green:


so that graphs shows more of what i was interested in … i always assumed that human insulin or human produced insulin would be quicker then our artificial insulin… doesnt appear like the body can overcome the spike any quicker then we can? maybe by a little but not a huge time difference… that graph shows roughly 70mins to peak and then about 2 hours till back to normal

@jonboy688 Well this graph is during a glucose tolerance test which puts a huge amount of glucose in you and relatively quickly.

Normals get insulin into the bloodstream faster. The graph is low resolution but it gives you the idea.