So frustrated!

I started a new job today, and finally hit my 3 months so I could get on the company insurance!! Woohoo!!

I went today to fill out all my paper work, and there seems to be a problem....I have been paying for cobra from my previous job, and finally it was just getting way to expensive. My cobra was $712 per month! I called a private insurance company to try and insure myself during my "waiting period" at work, and was told I could get it all taken care of...So I cancled my cobra, and called the company back...Needless to say, they then said because I'm pre-existing, I can not get on the insurance...Seriously!?!?

Luckly I had a "stash" of extra pump supplies and the past few months I've been using that, and just paying out of pocket for insulin...

Anyways, when I was in the office today I was told that because I was without insurance for 63 days Im not eligable to be covered! (I was out of insurance for 72 days). I'm covered for normal everyday stuff, but my diabetic supplies, insulin, doctor appts, lab work, ect will not be covered for 365 days!  I just wanted to bust into tears! How on earth can I make this work? Why was I not told that I have to find insurance before the 63rd day, or i'm basically screwed? I can't be without insurance!! My boss has agreed to help me out with some of the cost, which i'm so greatful for! Thats something they don't have to do, and i'm so thankful they are...But it's not near what its going to take...

Has anyone else ever had issues like this!? If so, what the heck did you do!??

see..this is a great example of why the states need healthcare/insurance company reform! never heard of this happening in canada with private insurance through work!

is there anyway you can get some kind of coverage outside of work for the year that won't cost you as much since you'll only be using it for diabetic supplies? or have you called to see if there is a loophole for people with medical conditions that need medication?

When I started grad school, I didn't have insurance. I sought treatment at a clinic that would give me free insulin samples (entire bottles). They probably gave me thousands of dollars worth for about two years.

It doesn't matter if its through work or private...The fact that 63 days passed and I wasn't covered now makes it to where no diabetic supplies will be covered for 1 full year (and thats as long as I have health insurance during the year as well).

Wow, thats awesome Travis! I was doing the math for my insulin...$125 per bottle and I can get by on 4 bottles per month...Thats $6,000 a year for insulin alone! Crazy