Newly diagnosed with t1d (LADA)

In my walk to find resources, here I am!

By way of background, our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about 14 years ago. Wow, the uncertainty of failed diagnoses! Our thankfulness with the second opinion. There were times prior to her diagnoses when we were uncertain of her life. Serious weight loss - huge concerns!

So, I know a bit about, “Starvation in the midst of plenty,” eyesight and chronic thirst!

Fast forward to this year. I was waking up with severe dryness at night. Heating is on. Nights are cold and I attributed it to dry air in the bedroom. Then my wife says, “Hey, I think you are losing weight?” Great! I mean I’m 6’-5" and weighed in at 225, so I’m in the top range of, “BMI Normal.”

Driving home one night I realized my eyesight was all gacked up.

Then it dawned on me (i.e., after a bit of denial). . . maybe I got diabetes. Super Bowl Sunday, I grabbed a kit (after all, they are in the house) and blew a 450!

Next day, doctor gives me some lantus and a prescription for metformin. The lantus to get me down the metformin to keep me down. It didn’t work at all. 10 days later with huge diet control, I’m in the 350 range. Then I returned to the doctor and asked for insulin.

That stuff works!

I’ve been hovering in the good range for months and rarely pop above 200 or below 70. In recent days though I’m seeing a different plummet. I mean I went from 180 to 62 in one hour two days ago. Now I was seriously playing my mandolin and then walked fast for 15 minutes, so maybe that’s part of the factors? Carry smarties everywhere I go.

As of today, I’m still 6’-5". I’m just down to 185 and watching all my daily levels. I expect to be changing in time as my honeymoon fades away. For now It’s just lantus and diet control.

peace to all!