New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s is my favorite holiday because I love reflecting on the past year and making goals for the new one. This year, my T1D resolution is to be gentler on myself about my T1D. When I miscalculate my carbs and end up with a blood sugar that’s out of range, I won’t beat myself up about it. Rather, I’ll take a breath, acknowledge that I tried to bolus as accurately as possible, and treat my blood sugar as needed.

My non-T1D resolution is to cultivate more positive relationships with people—my family, friends, and even strangers on the street.

What are your 2017 resolutions (T1D-related or not)?


Your T1 resolution is much like mine - although I’m renewing this resolution which I made several years ago. Maybe this year I’ll do better and actually “accept” when I miscalculate. I started this when the endo I was seeing would comment on numbers on my chart with “… operator error” and this bit of wisdom came after he was diagnosed with late onset T1. That’s when I began to really believe that BG check results [I don’t call them “tests” anymore] and Hb A1c are nothing more than guides for me to use to make adjustments. I’ll never learn to properly count carb counts in restaurant meals so I’ve grown accustomed to making adjustments a couple of evenings a week.

My personal resolution is to reach out more. be more accepting of EVERYONE and for me to really enjoy life.

Dennis–Yes, love it! I even find it so helpful to make a note to myself after I’m way off on a restaurant meal about what exactly I ate and the effect it had on my blood sugar. I always had heard that was helpful, and I wrote it off because I thought it was annoying to pull out my phone and make a note to self when I’m out a restaurant with friends. But it actually helps me enjoy myself more the next time when I can go out with my friends and not have a sky-high blood sugar after dinner!

This year I resolve to not be so hard on myself. When I check my sugars, I automatically judge the number as good or bad. If it falls into the “bad” category, I criticize and shame myself. I resolve to let go of the labels, stay in the present moment, and determine what actions I need to take. I have even started celebrating that it’s time to prick my finger. Thank goodness I have all these great tools and doctors to help me. Woo hoo for glucose meters and test strips!