New Year's Resolutions

What is your New Year's Resolution ??

To be more involved in my children's lives.

To be healthier (aka drop 50lbs) to become mentally healthier as well.

Get a trainer for a month and start going to the gym!! I want my muscles back!!

to make a big change this year, not sure yet what it'll be..but something! feeling like i'm stuck in a rut right now!

and also to drop some pounds i've gained the last few months haha

To convert all of my VHSC video tapes to DVD. It was my resolution last year too but I didn't get too far. 

I resolved not to make any a while ago. It's going pretty well :p


Unofficially, I'm gonna try taking a more positive outlook on life in general. Being negative sucks.

I want to try and eat ALOT healthier and cut down on pop (even if it is diet). I would also like to become more confident and become part of the JDRF Advocacy

I will do my best to keep my A1c below 6.0, to maintain my 70-130 range at least 90% of the time, and be healthy so I can complete my 66'th year with D successfully.

My new years resolution is to get my A1C down A LOT. And to lose a couple pounds. but most importantly stay on top of my sugars and know everything is gonna be okay, and to know my health is number one.

To eat healthier, be more aware of everything and be healthier!!!

To get my a1c down to my personal "best" (which would be anything under 7.2) AND keep it there without having wild fluctuations! :-)

And to lose 58lbs and then any additional weight will be after the next New Year :-)

Let's see...  get a job!  Preferably one I like...  I think will help me mentally too.  I get depressed sometimes after having been laid off many months ago, and when I feel like I'm not doing anything. 

Also, to have a fun wedding in October, and start a wonderful marriage. (I guess this isn't really a resolution, but it is, none-the-less, something I want to do this year.)

Finally, I would like to become a little more aggressive about my medical care.  I want to learn to ask more questions and become more active in decisions being made, rather than blindly believing that the doctor knows best.

Hmmm. I have a few. For 2010 my resolution was to test more often and to keep on top of my sugars which I have rocked.  But for 2011, I would like to see tighter control-I feel like my ontrack graph looks like a roller coaster and although most are in 'normal' range, I want to be more stable in my fight. 

Beyond that, I want to excercise more, eat healthier, be involved more with my kids, and enjoy every matter what. 

Happy New Year all!!

Just the simple things; to laugh more than I cry, to keep my child's A1C under 7, to be a positive role model and to cure T-1 Diabetes, Nothing too elaborate!


This year I decided not to make a million resolutions that I can't keep and to keep them small and obviously accomplishable, instead of having more general ones.  I plan on practicing right after school before starting any homework, except on the days I have conflicts.  I also want to drink at least 5 8oz. glasses of water/herbal tea a day, because I'm really bad about drinking enough water and any step in the right direction is a huge accomplishment for me.