New Injection Site

I’ve had Diabetes for about 12 years now and have had the pump for going on 10 (diagnosed at 5). I’ve only ever used my stomach and (lower) back to place my site. My doctor keeps telling me to try my arms or legs but I’m extremely anxious about it. I’m going off to college next year so I need to start using a new spot for injections. I use the pen in my arms (the legs sting too much) when my sugar is really high so I at least know what it feels like to have a needle there. Does a pump site feel any different? Do the arms hurt more than the stomach? Any advice or tips on what to do/ how to do it or what works for you is greatly appreciated!

I’ve never had luck with my legs, and for some reason using the arms gives me the creeps. So I stay with my abdomen and I’ve added the area under my rib cage. I find that with the 30-degree Silhouette set, if I can even get a 10-degree angle I’m still OK. If I get to a point where I have to use my legs, I will probably try the inside of my thighs first since that is the fattier area.


Arms and legs don’t work well for me. I always end up yanking it out by accident. I am like @angivan and use my abdomen, my sides, lower back and upper rib cage too. I don’t really feel any differences with any of those spots. But, I do notice the couple of times I tried arms it didn’t hurt at all. I do use my arms for CGM though. Just not for infusion sets. Legs I never use. The last time I used legs was when I was on shots and they stung like I was bitten by a bug. Really horrible for me.

So since my doctors told me I need to start using arms or legs it seems like I should pick arms. Do I put the site on the back of my arm in the same place I would do a regular shot? I don’t know if it matters but I use the mio cannula

You could also use the top of you butt. I find it better than arms and legs, the only bad thing is, is that when you pull up your pants you have to be a little careful. I would suggest trying it :slight_smile: