Where are good infusion sites?

 I have had my pump for 2 yrs. now and the only place I've put it is my belly. I am afraid of placing it elsewhere for comfort reasons, but my stomache is getting tender and I of course have little scars. I have placed it on my hips or "love handles" and that is comfortable but I've recently heard there are other places and would like some input.

                        thank you

My daughter has also had diabetes for almost 2 years. She is 10 and doesn't have hardly any fat on her. She mostly puts the site on her belly & it too is getting hard tissue & scaring in that area. She has tried the back of her arm & doesn't mind it there. She tried her thigh once, but it was too painful for her. Her diabetic coordinator has also suggested her buttocks, but to a 10 year old, that is "unthinkable" to attach anything to her butt!

I have had diabetes for 15 years, and been on the pump now for a couple of years after having to take multiple injections daily....I have put the pump where-ever it is comfortable. I have put it on my thigh, my rear-end, my stomach, my arm, heck, anywhere that I have some fat, and there is plenty of that...=) I would just suggest you move it around and give different areas a shot....heck if it hurts too bad, take it out and inject somewhere else. Don't be afraid of it, you will find that you like it in different places for different reasons.......comfort, accessability, etc. =)

Anywhere works. I like legs, abs, and obliques the best. But I'm going to try my arms soon. Can't wait to see how it goes! Oh, and I refuse to put it on my butt lol


I said the same thing your daughter is saying when I was about her age. I had lost a lot of weight after going on the pump and  the sites (my stomach and thighs) I put it didn't have enough fat so it would kink off and/or hurt a lot of the time. My mom finally convinced me to try it, and I've been using it ever since. I've filled out a bit since then, so I'm able to put it in my stomach and thighs again as well. Personally I like it back there because I'm able to hide it under shorts and bathing suits. Plus, when it is back there I don't get funny circular tan marks on my legs, lol.

You can put it just about anywhere you can do an injection as long as you have a little bit of fat. Back of arm, leg, butt, hipps (love handles) belly. Its best to move it around so the area does not get to scared up. It won't absorb as well if the site is over used.

I'd like to use other areas besides my stomach also. I have very little fat there, and the majority of it is near my belly button which I know we are supposed to stay about 2" away from.

Can I ask if you use any assistance to put the site on your butt? I use the Silhouette infusion set (the one that goes in at an angle) and I'm not sure I'd be able to do that by myself. I certainly can't ask my 9yo son to do it and my boyfriend is deathly afraid of needles.