New Camp for underprivledged Kids Coming SOON to Michigan

Brandyns Bouncers told you all a few months back that a Camp for Kids with T1 Diabetes was their goal! 

Brandyn has such a huge hear t for a little guy and more and more kids at his school are now being diagnosed, he wanted to make sure it was a special camp! This will be for those kids that can't afford camp or for some reason would have never been able to attend a diabetic camp.

We are filling out the pages and pages and pages this week.. We are forming our Board of Directors and working on our Bylaws, Policies, Procedures and we will ultimately need to draft up a qualification guide line for "underprivledged kids"  We must have all the listed above complete before we can actually file the papers with the IRS for Non-Profit!

If you have ANY ideas, suggestions, want to be a part, would like to apply for a board/volunteer/counsenlor position or would like to make a donation PLEASE feel free to contact us!    also check out our website!