Completely Frustrated!

I don't know if anyone has been through this before, but I have just been "ignoring" my diabetes lately and just trying to go along with life.I have never really had any difficulty managing things. I have been on low doses of insulin and have not had to do much adjusting. I have had a difficult year with struggling with depression and I am doing much better now. However, I just recently got some news about my body that has initiated my journey to becoming pregnant and being a mom.  I have started to really test my blood sugars more and document them. All I have been running into is a crazy fluctuation in my blood sugars throughout my day. I cannot seem to find any trends and honestly, I feel worse knowing more about my blood sugars than when I was more lax. I am so frustrated and disheartened. I want to keep going but I can't seem to make the right adjustments to my insulin pump to keep things in check. Heck, now I am afraid to eat because my blood sugars never seem to come down no matter what I do. I bolus alot and I've changed basal rates, changed my set...I don't know what else to do, but cry!

Hey! Hang in there- it is pretty much the most frustrating place to be...good news is it gets better :) Have you looked into a CGM by any chance? not to push technology down your throat- its just that when i was in the worst place of my "diabetes life" it was starting on a CGM that helped me to get out of it- it was really hard at first (like you said its alot easier not knowing what your BS is sometimes) but it the CGM gave me the detailed info that i needed to really get my basals/correction and carb ratios tight. Ive been off of mine for a while now (gotta love insurance issues...) but being off of it im back to having trouble getting control and doing anything besides dealing with Highs and Lows. Hope this was somewhat helpful.

Hi Tina,

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some advice. I am scheduled to see my Endocrinologist next week and I will definetely talk to her about a CGM!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!