Need info

Hello  I am  grandmother of a 8 year boy, who had been recently diagnosed with type 1. He takes at least 4 shots a day. Both the parents were unemployed, they received  medicad for him. Now the father is working and they r taking away his benefits. The family has no insurance. I am worried about my grandson getting his medications. Does anyone know of a program or place where I can get info on how to get his meds. I appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you 

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.  You may find these past threads helpful, as they have names and contact info for organizations who may be able to help.

Just as important as his insulin are his test strips - so he can know what is Blood Sugar is and treat it correctly.

His clinic may have a social worker they work with or can recommend to help the parents and you navigate the 'system' so he can get what he needs. Most states have the income level cut-off for medicaid at several times the poverty level, so unless the father has scored a really great job, I am surprised the child is cut-off.

Welcome to Juvenation and I applaud your support and care for your grandson!

You can check eBay for test strips.  I don't have great insurance coverage, so it's cheaper for me to buy my test strips off eBay than it is to buy them at the pharmacy using my insurance card. 

If you have a Walmart nearby, you can buy a Relion meter for $9 and a box of 100 test strips for about $39. That is much cheaper than brand name strips and it may be cheaper than ebay.