My Son was just diagnosed

My son was just diagnosed with T1D a week ago and I am so confused. He will be 14 in a few days and he likes to eat and snack. I a so afraid of him having to many snacks in between meals. Does anyone have any suggestions on what he can eat in between meals that wont make his blood sugar go up.

Hi Sharon,
Here are some thoughts on low carb snacks: cheese sticks, veggies, nuts, jerky, pepperoni, eggs… Hang in there. I know it is confusing. I wish you both the best.

Hi Sharon,
I’m sorry to hear about your son’s recent can be a confusing disease, He will be ok :smiley:My son was diagnosed at 2+ years & now he is turning 10 next week. My son wears a pump , it was the best decision we made. Look for foods with higher protein… peanut butter, cottage cheese, deli meats…You do your best each day… it can be challenging. Feel free to reach out to me… I wish you & your son Good Luck … it gets easier with time & knowledge.
Take care

Hi Sharon
My son is 14 and was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago today! It has been very confusing and overwhelming but I can honestly tell you that I am feeling a little more calm now. My son loves cheese sticks, bacon, eggs and cold cuts because there are no carbs! I got him to eat rice cakes… Chocolate flavor of course and I even found low carb ice cream!!!
My nutritionist said if you are going to have a snack and take insulin MAKE IT COUNT!!! Maybe giving him bigger snacks will reduce the amount of snacks.
Good luck!!!

Hi Sharon!

My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. She is very snacky too, so we were very concerned about how we were going to get her adjusted. Definitely the cheese, peanut butter, bacon, nuts were great options, but sometimes she craves snacks that are more “carby,” if you know what I mean. So our favorite right now is popcorn! A cup of popcorn is 5 g of carbs or less (check the package, of course). And there are lots of flavors. For example, we just found one that’s bacon ranch flavored and is delicious! I’m sure a cup of popcorn is not enough to satisfy a growing 14 year old, however you could consider adding a beef stick or string cheese along with it.

Best of luck!

My 7 year old was diagnosed this passed Sunday. It is so much to take in, but it is getting better. I find my biggest struggle is trying to slow down and take time to think it all through. My son is super snacky, but he isn’t allowed to have anything above 17g without correcting so we are sticking to that. There is a ton of stuff. So far, his favorites are snack sized chips, sugar free popsicles, yogurt, and half an apple. I know it must be more different with an older child. There’s more body to fill! I am thankful for diet ginger ale. My son drinks that when he is just hungry-bored instead of truly hungry.
It’s a lot to take in. I am using the Fat Calculator App to check out all the carbs in things. He was shocked when 1 cup of strawberries was still under his 17g limit.

Hang in there and hugs!!