? my cycles

Hi everyone! im type 1 and on a pump and have been for ever!! my husband and i have been TTC since march and still working at!! but im having a heck  of a time with my cycles. I went off the BCP in March but my cycles are too far apart 38-39 days apart x's 4months now:( Its sure making it hard to time my ovulation or if i am even ovulating. i would have thought by now my cycles would return to normal because they were always around 30 days before any contraception. Obviously not!! Just frustrating and needed to vent!!!!!


It's frustrating I know! Same thing happened to me after I stopped my BC last fall. I actually had 2 normal cycles and then went 4months w/o a period! Then I got preg in March, unfortunatly miscarried in May at 9wks and now after m/c cycles are still irreg :( It makes for a very difficult time to TTC. I know everyone says just dont try and it will happen-and I hate to say it but thats when me and hubby got preg because I couldnt track my ovulation cuz my cycles were so crazy! Good luck to you and I hope it happens soon for us both :)


 Im sorry to hear about your MC :( its very upsetting to have experience that. My Best friend suffered a MC at 8 wks last year and just gave birth to a beautiful girl on 7-12-11!! we just never know why things happen the way they do but god has a plan, and we have to stay positive. It wil happen when its suppose to happen! When its ment to be, its ment be! Sometimes easier to say tho! LOL:) Here i am on day 42 no cycle and a neg preg test. GRRRR:( Good luck to you and your husband!! Sending baby dust your way <3