My Anticipation is Building!

So, just found out that my insurance is covering my OmniPod pump and it is on it's way!!! I can't wait to start pumping! I am looking forward to a few less pokes with my shots and being able to exercise/eat when I want to (well, not like a non-diabetic, but a little closer to that!). I am sick of all the lows when I am biking, running, and walking my dog =P I am excited!

Just thought I'd share =)

Take Care, Everyone!


I hope it all works as well as you are expecting, Kelly. Just don't expect what you are hoping for from the very start. Be patient and do a lot of basal testing to get the basal rates adjusted. There is much trial and error and frequent tweaking until things are going smoothly. It took me three months to have things going to my satisfaction. After almost 4 years of pumping, I am still tweaking at least twice per week. After things are squared away you will find you have eliminated any high fasting numbers you may be having now. Eventually the number of highs and lows should be very few. I have not needed any help with a low since my second week of pumping.

Congrats Kelly. Good Luck with the pod !