Mothering diabetes

Hello everyone. My name is Wendy - I am mom to Kate who was diagnosed when she was 11. She is 14 now, and I decided to start a blog to connect with other people coping with T1. If you have time, please check it out and let me know what you think. It is at Thanks!

Hi there,

My name is Kylie - I joined the group today. I’m mum to Tessa, aged 10, who was diagnosed when she was 10. Just looking for support and ideas really. For Tessa more than anything. The blog sounds great and I’ll definitely check it out. I really would like to find some kids of around the same age for her to connect with as well
Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi Kylie. Thanks for getting in contact. I hope you and Tessa are coping with this diagnosis - when (and how) was diagnosis made? For me, it has been important to put words to my story, instead of just having thoughts, as it has created a structure for my dealing with Kate’s illness. Kate was eleven when diagnosed - old enough to start off testing and injecting herself - which was very important to her sense of control. I hope Tessa’s school and friends are supportive - it can be lonely and alienating to be “different” at a time of life when most children just want to fit in. I would love to keep in contact with you - sometimes just knowing that someone understands is helpful!

What city do you live in Kylie? My 10 year old daughter was also diagnosed at age 10.

Hello, I am Brandy (Mama to Jesse) he was diagnosed 4 yrs ago (9-6-2013) shortly after he started kindergarten at 5 yrs old. He is now in 3rd grade and 9 yrs old.
I often wish we lived in a bigger city instead of a small town so he would have someone around his age that understands what he goes through. His friends try their best but can never really understand it. All he wants is to be a normal kid that can stay at a friends house, but everyone is scared to try. (while i understand that bc I was terrified myself when he was first diagnosed) I just wish someone would try. He gets so upset bc his brother gets to go off but he can’t.

Hi Brandy. Sleepovers are a big deal to kids that age! To be honest, I much prefer to host stay overs here, where I can keep an eye on Kate. It’s hard not being able to do all the things the others are doing. I have been thinking about this a lot lately - I think it will the topic in my next blog! I am happy to let Kate go to friends during the day, for supper etc - I just worry about night time, although she does go on camps and sleepovers occasionally. Maybe as Jesse gets older, tings will become easier.

I’m new to this group, my daughter was diagnosed about a year ago and just turned 13. She has really struggled with her diagnosis and being "different "…sleepovers have also been a challenge as even her best friends mom is afraid to try. I wish she could find at least one local friend near her age with diabetes! We live in Maryland, about 25 miles west of Baltimore. So far I haven’t been able to find anything for her to meet other kids like her.

Hi - parenting a teenager with diabetes is such a challenge. I am sorry she hasn’t found someone close by to share experiences with. I suppose it is a bit of a comfort to know that others in the world (we live in South Africa) understand the frustration of not being able to spontaneously go to a friend’s house for a sleep over. It is scary for other parents - maybe if they see your daughter coping at your house they will one day soon feel able to host her. Good luck!