Okay so this is a question and a discussion topic....


Does anyone else feel like the get bit by mosquitoes way more than their friends?

I think it's because we're diabetic and have sweet sugary blood that attracts them more.

Cause ever since I have been diagnosed I get bit twice as much as all my friends.

Haha, I'd love if thats what it is I ALWAYS get the bites and I'm slightly allergic so its never pretty lol

Yes!!!! I'd always wondered about that! But, I get bitten more even if my sugars are high, so ... ??

I have thought of this before too.  Only, I don't get bitten, it is always my husband who is getting bitten and he is not diabetic!

I have wondered if diabetes had anything to do with it.....

I always say "their eating me alive !!!" and people look at me like I'm weird. I get bitten by mosquitoes like it's their mission to make me miserable, lol. Like Alyssa, I'm allergic so they swell pretty big sometimes and itch like crazy.

i get bitten a lot. but i dont think i have it that bad because my friends brother, he said he was bitten in his butt-crack!

I actually never get bit. My parents think it's cause the insulin acts as a sort of repelent! Lol

At my diabetes camp I went to,they told us that they bite more when you're blood sugar is high because it's sweeter.

But I never get bit either :s

Haha i got bit a lot...and my sugar has been high lately! HAHA!:D

that's really interesting...knock on wood, but I haven't gotten a single bite this summer