Morning BG

I was wondering, what is a "good" BG first thing in the morning?  My son was 101 this morning and I'm wondering if this is a little high, as 100+ for a fasting BG is considered pre-diabetes for a healthy individual.  We're pretty new at this and I'd love some input from more experienced parents.  Thank you.

Personally speaking, I do not think that's high.  Our target range is 80-110 throughout the day.  In our experience, the morning numbers are related to her bedtime numbers, the amount of exercise she had during the day, what she ate for dinner or late night snack, and how long she slept.  Our usual wake-up range is 80-130.  We continue to make slight adjustments on our pump to tweak her numbers accordingly.  We might increase basal at 5:00am, so that by 7:00am her numbers are little lower, or vice-versa as needed.  Hope that helps.

What is your target range?  Our son's is 85-150, so anything within that range I consider to be "normal" for him.  



You can't really relate a non-diabetics range to your son.  101 is a great morning blood sugar.  It's reasonably low but allows a little cushion in case he is running lower for some reason.  

I know a lot of people use ranges to evaluate their blood sugar, but I've done best having with one target number (mine is 100).  Makes the bolus and correction math easy.  

You're right.  I wasn't thinking of his target numbers.  Considering that his target is 80-120, the 101 is nice.  Thank you all.