Lows and Stress

I was always told that my daughter would go high from stress.  I have noticed that she does the opposite, whenever she is faced with stress her BG drops.  One day it was at 3.3, we treated and re-tested after 15 mins and she went down to 2.8.  After giving her enough juice, fruit and candy to put her at 25 on a normal day, she finally went to 5.2.  Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Yeah, i often go low with stress. Not always, though. 

I'm not familiar with your bg system. We use the system where 100-150 is great range. I didn't know there was any other BG measure system. huh. I would like to learn about that.

But anyhow!

My daughter was nearly ran over day when she disobeyed me and went into the parking lot, well she was so upset she went from 170 to 450 in a matter of an hour and hung around 300-350 all day. I gave her so much correction insulin and nothing happened so I quick and waited it out, I was scared we might have cause a hypo if I continued to pump of full of shots.

Diabetes is very strange. One minute you think you have it all figured out, and then BANG things seem so hard and outta reach and understanding. Two or three times in a row my Ellie's a1c was 6.5 and 7, and then bang she was at a 9 a1c. I beat myself up I think and rethink and rethink what i've done wrong 

I think all kids are different and all diabetes may vary alittle, but a little difference is a lot. Good luck and God help us!

We measure mmol/L so the range should always be between 4.0-6.0. 

to convert between the two, multiply (or divide) by 18.