Monitor numbers not matching feelings for 17 yo son

My son has been diagnosed for 3 1/2 years ~ he’s now 17. We have used the Omnipod with relative success. But recently he had a monitor that was not working properly. Numbers were reading very low (50’s) and he knew he had eaten lots of carbs. Bought a back up and tested sugar and it read high 300’s. (Also hospital visit a few days after as the cannula broke and he didn;t know it and went to bed. VERY sick) Rep sent us a new monitor but now my son is not trusting the readings on this one either. says it doesn’t match how he is feeling or what he seems to be eating. The rep says to stick with this one monitor and go with those number readings, but the trust factor is weighing on us…Have control solution on the way so we can test the strips. Any suggestions??

I had the exact same issue with the Omnipod built in glucometer. You can test it against a different glucometer. I tested it against three other glucometers and found that it was about 50 points off from the others. I never figured out if the problem was the strips or the machine itself, but we have not gone back to using it for blood sugar testing. On the other hand, I could not imagine life without the Omnipod for giving insulin to my 10 year old.

strips will go bad if exposed to humidity, make sure they are stored in the containers, that the container lids are tightly closed when in storage, once opened, the strips are good for 30 days.

blood glucose machines…all of them… no matter who makes them… are +/- 20% when the reading is above 75mg/dl and +/- 10% under 75mg/dl

get a reading of 140 mg/dl on your meter… your actual blood sugar is likely between 168 and 112. this is a fact of life.

a reading of 74 similarly… your actual blood sugar is likely between 66 and 81.

66 is typically enough to give me feelings of “low”. Also, dropping blood sugar can give me a “low” feeling even in the 140’s.

a bs meter reading is a snapshot, blood sugar can be climbing or falling rapidly. it’s best to use what you know (big activity, big recent meal or recent glucose tab to raise blood sugar). glucose is the fastest for me but can take 20 minutes to raise blood sugar. if I know I am on the way down I will check every 15 minutes, on the way up every 30. I care more about the trend than the absolute number.

live dumping and charging. your liver stores sugar and it can dump sugar when you are low. this can result in a low, then you test and you are low, then you take glucose and your liver dumps, 20 minutes later you can be 200+. after a dump, it can take an inordinate amount of sugar to re-charge a liver. If you are low for a long time, your liver will have no more stored sugar, your blood sugar can continue to drop. when you eat sugar, some of that goes to raising blood sugar and some goes to the liver. this can make you crazy at 100 grams might not raise your blood sugar more than 20 mg/dl in a half hour.

get a 2nd meter from your endo. I have like 6 meters now. or you can buy a economy meter and strips from wal-mart. run them side-by-side but realize they are both +/-20% off from reality. my new meter reads about 15 mg/dl lower than my old favorite. I just add 15 to the reading and it keeps me where i want to be.