If you live in Missouri and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

dx 2/65; mm511/522 7/12/02; cgms 4/12/2007 advocacy active transportation/diabetes.

Hi, Montana and I are in Southwest Missouri.  We are in Nixa.  10 Minutes south of Springfield.

hey! im from clever missouri?! idk if u know where that is but its about ten minutes away from nixa and 25 minutes away from springfield..

I live in St. Louis! Well Arnold which is about 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis!  Any others close to me who get on here regularly?

i live in St.Louis be I just joined and starting not to be so morbid :)

I live in Kansas City.  Actually, about an hour away.

Cool, heard they have great food. (not so great for diabetics,though)