If you live in Iowa and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

THE CORN STATE!!! Anybody else live in the heartlands? :) Can't wait to meet more Iowans! Anybody gone to Camp Herkto Hollow?

I live in Iowa have lived all over the eastern two thirds of the state!

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, went to college at Iowa State, and now live in DeWitt. Except for a couple of years in St. Louis, I have been an Iowan all my life. Never heard of that camp, though. Where is it?

Hey, hey, Iowans! Sitting here in Key City -- anyone else in or around DBQ?

Hi Iowans!

I was born in Davenport and raised in Le Mars. I would like to meet other Iowans and others to be friends with. I cant wait to talk to you later! :)

Hey looks like im about atleast a 2hr driving distance from all of u.. But i live in burlington Iowa... southeastern area.. hit me up!

I live in Cedar Rapids too!:)

I’m originally from the Omaha area and have transplanted to the Iowa City area!