Mental Health Support for Kids with type 1

I have created some free mental health support printable for kids on my website

A good one to try is the control and can’t control worksheet. It is a great way to look at summer and help your child find things they can control and come to terms with what they can’t. There is also a great one about anxiety and how to use coping skills to work through it is called How heavy is your backpack.

All of these worksheets are free with new ones added regularly. Please join our mailing for the new one in your inbox.

These are fantastic!
I’m especially a fan of “WAIT.” Useful for so many situations. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for sharing!

You are so very welcome.

Usually it is the parents that need the most support for anxiety. Kids mirror their parents angst. If parents are chill their kids will be too.

Sometimes that is the case but often it isn’t. I would hate for a mom or dad to blame themselves for their child’s anxiety. I think it also depend on when the child was diagnosed. I imagine the younger the easier it is for the child to accept. I think we need to support the mental health of the parents and child as much as we can. My day job is working with addicts and I can tell you most of them experienced trauma as a child and were not given the proper care or love. Being a child in 2021 is so hard on it’s own without a life altering illness. Talking about mental health issues is so important for everyone.


You are absolutely right. I say it’s all about unresolved childhood issues. Just for someone to say “you can’t eat that” can create anxiety. Ha after 50 years with T1D I still get defensive when someone says that to me.
Thanks for the work you do with the addicted community. My PTSD for various reasons was helped tremendously with EMDR.
Great sharing with you. Karol

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