T1D and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2015, (2 years ago) and since then my OCD has become a problem again in my everyday life, when i was younger i managed to keep it under control through therapy and medications, however, there are still days where i struggle to control aspects of my OCD. I wanted to know if anybody else that uses this forum has OCD, if so, feel please share your story.

You are not on your own. I have a daughter (adult now) who has to wrestle both with Type 1 and OCD (the contamination variety). At the moment she is finding it very difficult to control her diabetes (erratic blood sugar levels) when taking sertraline to help combat her OCD. We can’t figure out if these effects are short lived or whether they persist while taking the drug. I can see that you posted this nearly 4 years ago, but would be very interested to know if you have figured out a way forward through these problems, or found a professional who is well versed in dealing with both of these issues because their level of interaction. Many Thanks.

Hey Phil, just got a notification on this thread. I recently figured out a better way to manage it after the worst period of my life beginning the pandemic with psychosis. What i eventually learned is to look for a therapist that is willing to work with someone who has ocd and understands triggers. My therapist specializes in dialectical behavioral therapy or short for dbt. I have been put on the max fda dose of fluvoxamine daily and am on a lot of meds now but i haven’t had intrusive thoughts or compulsions relating to contamination for a while. When dealing with ocd you sort of have to put yourself in an anxious situation until the anxiety goes away for the fight or flight response to realize you aren’t in danger without performing the compulsion. This may not work if the anxiety is too intense so i would discuss this with a therapist if you decide to do this. Most importantly write down symptoms and compulsions so you know what you’re dealing with. I just want to say you’re an amazing parent for helping your kid with this because it’s especially hard for some parents to understand ocd including my parents, but you have a very good grasp on it and you’re doing a darn good job. Feel free to keep chatting on this thread if you have questions!

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Thank you for replying and being so open. Hats off to you for doing so brilliantly with your OCD, I know how much real courage and effort that it takes. Your advice about DBT is most welcome as finding the right therapist to tackle this is frustratingly hard. Probably the most pressing questions that I have would be: a) Does fluvoxamine make your sugar levels more erratic and more difficult to deal with. b) If so, was that a temporary anomaly or did it settle down after a while? c) It’s tempting to ask more about your therapist, but am not entirely sure if that goes against guidelines. Again, many thanks for you help.