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Anyone know a place where i can buy some MMT-326 1.8 res and some Mio pods 6mm? Any coupons or deals. I have to pay out of pocket 100% since my company changed our insurance.

Hi David, and welcome to the group.

I don’t use these products, but I would suggest you contact the manufacturer about financial assistance. They often have a special “cash pay” price or discounts you can apply for in addition to coupons.

Good luck!

Pam K.
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Hi @liverebel. Yikes! I’m so sorry to hear about your new company’s coverage - or lack thereof. Sometimes their coverage excludes new users of a product while they will continuing it to some degree for those who are already using it. And it may be they need might need special authorization which can be made with documentationprovided by from doctor. For instance, a while ago my insurance decided they would no longer cover a particular formulation of insulin. The notification sent to patients and doctors said accommodations would be made for special circumstances such as allergies; and notably for pump patient, the one they chose had not been proved compatible with our devices; so patients and doctors were contacting the carrier to say in essence “Hey geniuses, this patient uses an insulin pump and your new formulary preference is not approved for use with them.”
Don’t take a denial at face value - you might have options that your doctor can help you work through, so let them know. Hopefully this is only temporary but you can find some here to ride you over in the meantime. Please keep us posted.

Hello again David,

I just read Dorie’s post and she is right. From what you wrote, this was a change in which carrier is handling your medical/prescription benefits. If your supplies were covered on the old insurance, a letter from your doctor explaining that this is what you’ve been using for “x” # of years and your are doing well on this therapy should help to get you prior authorization to have them covered by the new insurance.

Talk to your doctor and see what they can do!

Pam K.

Medtronic does offer special pricing. I get phenomenal pricing on my Medtronic Guardian 3 Sensors. Worth a try