Help! In need of pump supplies


My daughter is on the 630g. I always purchased the reservoirs and infusion sets from the company . As well as the dexcom cgm supplies. Sadly my husband lost his job from Covid related issues ( like so many). And the cost is out of control as things are now.

I have applied to Medtronic financial relief but I feel that will be a long process. And I need to get supplies yesterday. I have tried offerup and other venues but those sales never come through.
Any info is appreciated

Thank you

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I looked on Amazon for Medtronic 630g supplies and Minimed Quick Sets came up. I use Tandem so don’t know if those work for you but it’s worth a shot. Right now there’s a listing for $87/box of 10 - there are 15 left.
You could contact your pump rep and see if they may be able to help out.
Wishing you the best!
I have an RX for Freestyle Libre as a backup if there’s an issue with my Dexcom or supplies. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as Dexcom but I like it as an alternative.

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Hello @Nikkic I’m sorry I had to edit your post, an offer to buy prescription items is illegal and not allowed on this site. I left the rest.

You can ask for samples from your endo and from Medtronic. We have one member giving away stuff you can see at this post

There are alternatives that may cost less. You should discuss alternative with your endocrinologist.

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