Medtronic 670g Sensor and Infusion Problems

I recently switched from the minimed 530g to the 670g. I was really excited about the new pump and sensor, but the new sensor is not working well. I am getting ready to insert my fourth sensor today because every time I put one in it bleeds like crazy and my pump refuses to accept the sensor. While this happened with the 530g I could usually find ways to make the sensor eventually work. However, with the 670g it seems to be outsmarting me right now. When I call medtronic or speak to my rep they want me to change sites from my upper backside area to my arms or inner thighs (I an 5’3 and underweight). I do not have fat in that area and it would be really painful for me to put them there. They have also suggested that I “use more tape, shove the needle deeper into my body, and ect” I am so frustrated from talking to people who have no idea what they are talking about or what if feels like to where this constantly. I need help! How can I make these sensors work without torturing myself? Any ideas?

I also have had issues with the 670 sensors syncing and bleeding too…re the sensor sync, does the green light blink when you remove the transmitter from the charger and then blink once the transmitter clicks onto the sensor? Did Medtronic rule out a faulty transmitter? Secondly, I find that moving the sensor to the very far side of my abdomen limits the bleeding. Also, holding the injector flush against flat skin without pinching lessens the likelihood of bleeding for me. I’m just trying the back of my arm and so far so good!! It hurt less and did not bleed :slight_smile: IMG_20180821_201648668_LL|666x500

Yes, the sensor blinks green. Honestly , I had not considered a faulty transmitter, that would be a good question to ask them. I may have to try moving it the the far side of the abdomen. How hard is it to put in the arm and how had does it hurt?

  1. I hope Medtronic is sending you replacement sensors!

  2. The best advice I can give is to just try different sites. I gush blood if I put the Guardian in a certain spot in my leg so I know to avoid that area now! I wear mine in my arm all the time and it’s actually the most comfortable spot for me. It sounds like you’re really slim, but try putting it in on the underside (to the inside of your tricep). Below the belly button on my stomach work pretty well too and then I don’t feel it on my hip as much when I move around. I also like outer thigh and I’ve seen people do it all over their legs and even on their chest! You’ll just have to experiment (and get sensors that don’t work replaced).

  3. I’ve fought a sensor for over 24 hours before it started working, so this totally can happen! (Although I haven’t experienced it quite as consistently as you, it seems.) 1 day is usually my max allowance for trying to get it to take.

  4. I’m sorry, I know this is super frustrating! I hope it works out for you soon and you can start reaping the benefits of the system! Good luck. :slight_smile:

How is it going, did you try the arm? It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, as Jadeen suggested, try to place it on the underside of your tricep. I recruited my husband to help me since I tried a couple times and it went right in the muscle, ugh. Definitely get the sensors replaced, I have learned to keep the packaging until the 2nd or 3rd day in case I need to send it back. Once it works for a good 48 hours, the sensors usually are good for a full 6 days.

I have not been able to bring myself to try it there. I never even liked shots there. So far, it is working ok on my upper backside, but I might try the leg if I have too. I might try that spot on my belly too. Thanks!

When I first got my 670g in May, the entire first shipment of Guardian3 sensors was defective. I got frustrated and removed the sensor and the pump, but all the replacements they sent worked fine.

Just received my second shipment of pump/sensor supplies, and every sensor I have tried is defective. Am currently on my 8th sensor in four days and am about to pull my hair out!! I’ve spent hours on the Medtronic helpline and am about to send the first 4 back for replacements. And, to add to the fun, I hit small capillaries with the last two sensors and had to remove them. Am feeling like a pincushion and am so frustrated with these sensors that I could scream. I’m too tired to do the helpline thing for the last two tonight; will call again in the morning. The current one is warming up, and I’m keeping hope alive - maybe this one will work. This is my first pump after having been on injections for 45 years and, when the 670g works it’s wonderful, but Medtronic really needs to fix this sensor problem.

I hadn’t thought of putting the sensor on my lower abdomen; will try that next time I need to change it (which may be tomorrow). I’ve been inserting it and the infusion set in my upper abdomen and don’t really have enough “real estate” there for all the sensor changes. I’ve never gotten blood when I insert it in my abdomen, but my arms are another story. Does anyone know if the bicep area is ok to use as long as it’s not too lean? Now am getting an alert to change my infusion set. This is starting to be a full-time job.

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I’ve had some trouble with the 670g sensor also. Here’s what I’ve found.

  1. I insert the sensor in my left side, about 3 inches above my waist.

  2. I don’t press down hard on the inserter when I trigger it, but just apply light pressure.

  3. I don’t mess around with Medronic’s stupid overtape; That crap is awful, and doesn’t even fit the transmitter. I buy rolls of 3" griff-grips tape, cut out 3" squares, then slap one over the sensor. If I am really active and sweating a lot, and the tape square starts to loosen, I’ll remove the old griffs-grips tape square, being careful not to disturb the adhesive sticker on the backside of the sensor, and apply a new tape square. The sensors expire automatically after a week, so I don’t have to replace the tape mid-week, too often. Using a larger patch of griffs-grips helps with the sensor not snagging on clothing or furniture.

  4. Try “reconnecting to sensor” if the pump does not find the sensor within a few minutes.

  5. Make sure your pump is in-range (nearby) when you remove the transmitter from the charging base and and plug the transmitter into the inserted sensor. The transmitter sends a signal to the pump when a new sensor is connected, if the pump is out-of-range, you might have issues.

  6. If you cannot get the pump to connect to the sensor, you can always go into the “manage devices” menu, remove it, and reinstall it. I had to do that on my previous 630g system because I didn’t use the transmitter/sensors for about 3 weeks. The device still showed up in the devices menu, but something in the pump’s software will disable a device that hasn’t been used for a while. Then it doesn’t tell you or remove it from the devices list!

  7. Be sure to use the Bayer Contour meter that comes with the pump. Cheap BG meters do not have the necessary accuracy to give you good calibrations. Your sensor will start reporting readings that are significantly off (50% error) if you use cheap meter to calibrate it (from personal experience).

It seemed like you just had questions about the sensor, but you mentioned infusion sets in the title. I couldn’t use the mio infusion sets that are the default with the 670g pump. They would only stay in for maybe an hour at best. I have to use the metal sure-T infusion sets, and I slap a big piece of tape over it too. I tried applying deoderant, skin-tack, and various types of skin-safe glues to the area, but I’ve found griff-grips tape works the best.

I may have to try finding that tape. I hate how much tape medtronic tells me to use…It makes me feel like I can’t move without the entire site telling me it is moving too! I will definitely try removing the transmitter and having the pump find it again.
I agree with you on the mios. I discovered while I was in college that I could insert one and then several hours later it would stop working. One person (a mom of another type one student) thought it could be because I am very lean and my muscle was blocking the site. Once I changed to the silloette I did not have that problem, but I have lost even more weight since then and now its hard to find any site that does not bleed or bruise. I really wish they would make a new infusion set that worked better for people who are active and lean. On the other hand, I am happy that I have something that works even if it is not perfect.

I feel your pain. I put a sensor in today, got to work, and it started acting funny. When I checked the site I found it bleeding and blood on my clothes. I felt pretty frustrated. So far it is working even though it is bleeding. I am holding out hope that it continues to work. Congrats on the pump! I hated it at first but after a couple months it grew on me and I started liking it more and more.