MAJOR problem at school

Let me give you a run down of this year so far.  They had snacks at school but because my daughter didn't finish her work she didn't get to have it.  The other kids got to sit in class and eat theirs in front of her.  I was upset and told them we have enough food issues that this is not acceptable.  Also, my daughter has come out of class with her blood sugar so low that she ran into the door and couldn't even recognize me.  Several times it has been in the low 30's and twice now in the 20's.  I have tried doing all the polite stuff and ask them to watch her closely, give advice, asked them to call me if there were any problems, questions, etc.  She also has an overactive bladder, slow bowels, and recently was diagnosed with an uncontrolled epilepsy disorder.  She has up to 100 seizures a day.  She is on a gluten free diet, 7 medications, and still struggeling to stay healthy. 

When I picked her up from school yesterday she started crying and it took me over an hour to get her to calm down.  She finally calmed down but wouldn't leave my lap and wouldn't tell me what happened at school.  Two hours later she finally tells me that when she was getting her backpack ready to leave school the class left her behind.  She went outside because that is where she thought they were and they weren't there.  She said she stayed outside until the end of the day.  When she seen the other kids come out to the pick up line she joined them.  I picked her up right after that.  I called another parent and she said the class went to the gym to play a game before coming outside.  The whole time in the gym this teacher NEVER NOTICED my child missing.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Am I over reacting?  I want to go to the school and demand she switch teachers.  I am so angry.  Anything could have happened to my child and NO ONE would have known!!!

Wow! I am simply astonished that the school would do this to your daughter. As if she doesn't have enough to deal with. Then on top of it all, the school can make a list of excuses for accommodating your daughter (none of which I would agree with) but to not even notice her absence if beyond ridiculous. I would immediately speak with the administration and if that doesn't seem productive keep going up. Public schools are responsible to provide free and equal opportunities for education to EVERYONE. 

You are not overreacting in the slightest. I would start taking action right away. Do not stand for this. I sincerely  wish you and your daughter the best of luck in getting this all straightened out. Keep us informed.

Thanks.  I am so upset.  I feel I have been as patient as I can be with all this.  Leaving a child behind and not noticing is not acceptable to me even if they don't have diabetes.  However, I think extra precaution should be taken with Destiny because she has diabetes and epilepsy.  ANYTHING could have happened.  I am going to plant myself at the school on Monday until something is done about this.  I am so upset.  If anyone knows what my rights are or how I could find out, please let me know.

The school also told my daughter that the 10 cheetos in her lunch were not healthy for her.  As compared to school lunch???  Are you kidding.  My daughter is gluten free and low carb.  She only gets 20 carbs for lunch and when she was eating school lunch it was between 70 and 90.  And cheetos aren't healthy?  REALLY?

That is ridiculous and very wrong. I agree with Dan, start with the administration and work your way up if need be.

Also, does your daughter have a 504 plan? If not, you may want to get one, it'll very helpful in stating specifics about her care at school.


The school does not want to do a 504.  They said they would do whatever I need them to do but they don't want a 504.  I am not sure why.  They have a letter from 2 of her doctors telling them how to care for her and they can't even follow those instructions.  I don't even want to send her back but I am not sure what to do.  If I didn't have to work I would just home school her but that is not an option for us at this time.  She has a couple friends and doesn't want to switch classes but I don't know if I can keep her in this class after everything that has happened.

That school cannot deny you a 504. That's part of your rights as a parent to, have a 504 so that your daughter gets the best care possible at school. Getting a 504 is another thing you may want to do when you talk to whoever at the school.

And since they apparently are not doing what they should be, then I would definitely get the 504.

Get a lawyer

First tho contact the ada legal team they will tell you exactly what laws the school is breaking and might be able to help you find a lawyer many who do it for free but not all in your area to take your case. What the school is doing is well just crap.




Oh and send a email to all concerned asking for a 504 including the district superintendent. If they reject it or blow you off you have proof of it.

This one is for their lawyers


Just know your laws and rights for your state and dont let them BS you into thinking you are wrong. They are and there is a wealth of info out there for you to prove it to them that they are.

Totally unacceptable, I agre with Whitney.... get a 504 in place ASAP and require them to track your daughter's BG throughout the day.  I record his BG and carb intake and bolus in the morning and put the form in his Blood kit, when he gets to school the nurse takes it out and picks up where I left off, then after school she puts it back in his kit and I can see all the checks, carbs and treatments of the day and if I see extreme lows or highs I can say why didn't you call me on this one?  I can email the form to you if your interested, it's very handy.  As far as them losing your child for part of the day, that should definately be addressed and It sounds like your daughter needs a better, more alert teacher!  Good luck.

Schools can also provide "teaching assistants" for your daughter which is simply an adult who stays with her throughout the day. The adult can be responsible for any number of things that you deem necessary - help with school work/keeping on task (the most common use for one), help with bathroom breaks, help with medical necessities (in your case this would be snacks, blood testing, potentially shots/pumps/etc.). Teaching assistants are NOT school teachers, but rather volunteers to the school willing to help children in need throughout the day. They can be used as needed or everyday throughout the year and year after year. 

When I worked at an elementary school in college, we had a student with autism who had a teaching assistant with him every day. The teaching assistant was actually the same person from k-6th grade for consistency. She helped him with staying on task, completing his school work, and making sure his medication was taken. He was also a "runner" so she insured he didn't run out of the school building when he thought no one was looking.

You have every right to be upset!!!  I am a teacher myself and your daughter's teacher needs to know where all of her students are at all times under her supervision!  What if the school would have to go into lockdown due to an intruder?  Besides, your daughter is diabetic and has other health concerns!  You cannot be denied a 504 plan.  I believe you have every right to fight them on this issue.  Clearly someone isn't doing their job.  I really hope that you can get things figured out as soon as possible.  Please let us know how things are going.  I wish you the best. 

I have to agree with what everyone else is saying. Demand a 504 plan. They can't tell you no. I have one daughter with T1 and another one with epilepsy so I can imagine your worry with a child who has both.  Beside the JDRF legal help you might also want to contact your local chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation. They can offer assistance as well. Good luck and keep us posted!

Wow - unbelievable!!!  The 504 plan is an absolute necessity for you - then they will be required by law to follow the plan that is set in place.  Our schools embrace having a 504 plan in place if its needed - we have been lucky that the staff at our school has been absolutely amazing and we dont need it.  You are absolutely right in your frustration and anger - they put your child in danger, both in health and personal safety by being left outside, and that needs to be addressed.  Best of luck to you - keep us posted! 



I too am a teacher, and I am horrified!  A 504 plan definitely sounds in order.  I constantly count my class whenever we leave the room to make sure everyone is present.  My worst nightmare is to loose a child!  And at my school, loosing a child like your child's teacher did could be grounds for dismissal.

I agree that going straight to the administration is your best bet.  If you don't feel like you're getting a swift and satisfying response, then I would suggest contacting someone in the district. 

You are her advocate, and no, you are not overreacting.  Good luck!

Thanks everyone for making me feel better about my decision.  I plan on meeting with the principal tomorrow and discussing what happened.  They need to understand I need them to take good care of my daughter while she is at school.  It is not only her right but their obligation to make sure she is offered a safe education and they are not doing that right now.

If the school doens't take the ignitative on this i would take them to court. Cause my school, which is a HIGH SCHOOL. tried doing that samething for me nd we threatenned court an they started letting me go check my bgs an things. Your daughter is way too young to be having all of these issues and if they don't take care of them you will have to.

Just throwgin that out there.

That is complete bull

This kind of thing just makes me SICK!  Definitely go with the 504 and hopefully the school will comply.  School is supposed to be a safe place for children to learn.  Evidently, the administration and teachers don't know what a school is.  They certainly aren't running one.  

Let us know how everything goes!  I hope it's easier than before and that you don't have to go to court.  

No kid, diabetic or not, should be denied a snack when the other kids get one. 

Your child's teacher sounds clueless about diabetes and has put your daughter's health in jeopardy with bs of 20 and 30.  You are going to need to work with the principal and all of your child's teachers to make sure they understand your child's needs and that they have gluocse tablets or juice boxes or whatever you use to treat a low.   

You haven't said how old your daughter is, but if she's old enough she also needs to take responsibility for testing and treating lows, since she can tell when her numbers are falling.  You also may need to let your daughter's blood sugar run higher on school days to give a little cushion.

As a kid (from kindergarten until 5th grade) I went to the nurse's office everyday mid-morning and mid-afternoon for a snack, to be sure I got it.    I went to 3 different schools and they were always cool about making acommodations. 

One word:  Lawsuit!