Lunch frustrations

I know we are not doctors and by no means are giving medical advice... that said.  I'm so frustrated with lunch.  I got my CGM about six weeks and absolutely LOVE it.  It has helped so much with seeing post meal spikes so that I can adjust accordingly.  Breakfast is AWESOME!!  I'll wake up around 105-118 and bolus 15min before eating, taking into account what coffee does.  Then I'm good.. stay in the 115-125 range until lunch.  I do the same for lunch; calculate carbs + correction dose (if needed) and bolus 15min before.  All is good for about 45 min and then my CGM wants to give me two "thumbs" (arrows) up.  What gives??!! 

Well you aren't suppose to test until 2hours AFTER a meal, so maybe that's your sugar spike before the insulin is fully in effect?

What happens at the 2hour mark if you DON'T try to correct for a high?