In Awe and Disbelief!

So after about a week of intense breast tenderness, accompanied by weird muscle soreness in my upper abdomen, exhaustion and HIGH blood sugars, I finally tested at 1 this am ( I couldnt hold it any longer), and sure enough, at 12dpo I got a positive.  I will be following up with the team of dr's this am, but I have really been struggling with these highs.  I know it's not everyone's experience to have highs the first weeks, but if it was yours, how did you jump into them?  I'm already at 75% increase on basal and just tweaked my carb ratios to be safe.  How long after a pre meal bolus did you wait to eat?

So many questions, so worried, but so absolutely grateful!  


It helped me to eat the same breakfast every morning so I had an accurate carb count and could quickly identify when my insulin needed to increase.  

Plan to test a lot to catch highs and lows quickly.  Also ask you doctor about using a CGM for a few days to make sure your basal rates are accurate.  While I did the CGM test I ate low carb so that didn't affect my blood sugars.

Most short acting insulins recommend you dose 15 minutes before eating.  Try that and see if it works for you.  

Another thing that helped me a lot was to bolus, eat, and then test an hour later to see if another correction bolus was needed to cover the meal.