Lowest HbA1c ever due to minimed sensor

Best I could do on injections (14 years) - 6.9

Best that I could do on insulin pump (2 years) - 6.2

Now that I'm on the MiniMed sensor (since December 2008) - 5.9!!! without all of the low blood sugars :)

If you're willing to work with it, I recommend it. It's changed my life for the better.

Best on injections (13 or so years) - 6.5

Best on pump  with sensor (10 months) - 5.4

I agree with the without all the lows. I can honestly say the CGM makes a HUGE difference but the pump too.

my only a1c i have had since going on the pump was 7.2, which was what it was he time before. the best ive had was 6.1, which was caused by extreme lows. ill post my a1c when i get it done in july.

I can not wait to have an HbA1c that low!!!  soooo glad i got the cgms, i'm only on my second sensor, though...so i've got a lil ways to go..