CGM alarm doesn't wake my college-bound son

Hello - Since my son’s diagnosis at 1, his bsl regimen has included a 2 am check. A year ago, he began using a Dexcom 5 CGM. With the CGM, we are trying to avoid the 2 am alarm clock going off and let the CGM wake him only when necessary overnight. My son is a very heavy sleeper, and the CGM isn’t loud enough. Per a diabetes coordinator’s suggestion, we’ve tried placing the receiver in a glass filled with marbles to enhance the vibration/sound; didn’t work.
Taking his roommates into consideration, we’re trying to avoid a consistent nightly alarm at 2 am (which doesn’t always wake him up either). Hopefully, he’ll have an understanding and helpful roommate. If not, does anyone have a brilliant suggestion of how to enhance the sound of the CGM? Thanks so much!

Hello! I had the same issues while travelling; what CGM does he use? I have the Dexcom and they have an app for your iPhone that hooks up to the sensor and allows anyone to follow it. So, I get my readings on my transmitter, the transmitter shares the readings with my Dexcom app, and my husband and daughter follow it on the Dexcom Follow app.

You can set alarms on the app similar to the transmitter so any lows or highs can hopefully wake you up thru your phone and you can in turn call your son and get him up.

It has worked great for us. Good luck!