Low blood sugar and numbness around mouth

Ok this is something totally new to me and it is driving me CRAZY!!! Anybody else's mouth/tongue/lips go numb when your blood sugar goes low? Should I be concerned? Is there anything you can do to prevent the numbness feeling beyond catching a low?

Haha, I get that but only when I get really low. I don't no how to make it go away other than getting rid of the low.

*know, grr

I get the numbness when I fall low as well.  Happens all the time...it's just one of the consequences.  The one that drives me the craziest is when my vision gets impaired and I start seeing double...it stays that way until I bring my blood sugar back to normal.  I hate low blood sugars!

I also get numbness around my mouth with some of my lows, I haven't noticed if they correlate with how low, it's more like sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't, that's pretty much the way it is with all my low symptoms. I don't know how to prevent it except don't go low, sorry.

So glad to hear I am not the only one! It has just started happening in the last couple months and I am like Rebecca, sometimes it happens are sometimes it does not...more on the side of actually does happen. I havent' found it to happen at a certain low. However it works, I would like to send that side effect back! My mouth seems to tingle just thinking about it. Grr.

Yep, I have gotten the numbness and tingling numerous times, also the blurred or double vision. "What can you do?" I have just learned to accept these weird side effects of lows. I am just glad that they go away when my BG's come back up. "grrr is right"  "This is my grrr tiger he alway's makes me feel better" J.R.

Nikki: I started getting tingling in my tongue with lows when I was in my teens. The mouth and lips tingling started later. I found that it happened mainly when my BG drops below 3.0 mmol/L (54 mg/dL) and it usually occurs while I am treating the low (eating) and aware that my glucose is rising. My symptoms now (I am 30) are more like a drunk person -- flush cheeks, dizziness, confusion, stuttering, giddiness. I rarely get double-vision or mouth/lip/tongue numbness now. My reasons for lows have changed significantly too. Maybe your symptoms will change again with time! Maybe they change with lifestyle. Does your CGM help? I find mine very inconsistent. Hang in there--maybe a cure will come in our lifetime!

I also get the numbness/tingling around my mouth area when I have a low. It doesn't always happen, but I'm happy to get any kind of warning so that I can take care of the low before it gets too bad. I'd never send any kind of warning back...I'm glad that after 19 years I can still recognize my lows. I've never noticed a correlation with how low I am.