Highs & Hearing

Alright, so my blood sugar was moderately high the other day. When I stood up and moved around a bit, everything sounded a little muffled on one side of me... has anyone else ever experienced this? (or getting dizzy when you stand up?) It could have been due to a quick blood sugar drop too, however, because I'd taken a correction bolus and dropped 40 points in 20 minutes, if I recall.

Alyssa, I've also noticed the hearing thing when I'm high.  But, I don't get it everytime.  I don't understand why it's only sometimes.  Hmmm, the oddities of diabetes!  I've wondered if anyone else had ever noticed this too.  Thanks for bringing it up!  It's always good to hear (haha) when others experience the same thing.  :)

i get a little bit of that when im low, kinda like in the movies when someone is near an explosion (think saving private ryan) and they walk around in a concussion induced daze. lol

My daughter is only 4 but when she gets high she gets really loud it is one of my first clues that she is high then if she gets quite high she gets loud and very rude so I wonder if her hearing is affected hmm interesting

Wow. I love this site.

I get muffled hearing very similar to what Greg described when I am low.

However just like Madisonkim's daughter, I do tend to talk louder when my sugar is high.

I don't get the hearing thing if I'm high but I do get heartburn. That used to be my first sign. Now I notice that I get really irritable if I start to climb above 200.  I never noticed it before but now that I have, I'm on the highs more quickly.

I love it! Smart Mommy!

When I was 4, my Mom swore my lips turned white when I was low. To this day, she checks my lips when she sees me. (:

BTW, I was trying to respond to madisonkim, but I didnt include her text. oops!

When I am high I can feel my heartbeat go faster, get a sick feeling, not hungry, and I want to clean alot, hhahaha

When I am low My hearing is off, my whole head kinda feels like its under water, I am  more aware of my interself and now concerned with my surrounds, also my tongue tingles alot, shaky hands and body, weak feeling, irritable.

I'm kind of the opposite, when I go low my hearing is so intesified, its crazy. When I'm low - especially in school - I lose focus really easily and I could litterally hear a pin drop amist all the other noise.

When I'm high I usually get a feeling of indigestion or fulness in my stomach. When i'm low its like very thing slows down and I get reall shaky and dizzy.just felt like sharing :)