Low Amniotic Fluid?

I’ve seen posts on here regarding too much fluid but has anyone been told they have low levels of fluid? We had a routine ultrasound yesterday to measure the growth of the baby and during the ultrasound they admitted me to the hospital to monitor me and the baby.

High amniotic fluid is mentioned here because it happens more commonly to diabetic moms.  I thought low amniotic fluid was more of a gestational diabetes thing, but it makes sense that whatevery type of diabetes you have can affect the fluid.   

I'm sorry you're going through this and am glad you're in the hospital so they can make sure everything is okay.  My co-worker had low amniotic fluid with her daughter.  Her daughter had a few minor problems from it, but is doing fine and is in kindergarten now.    Take care.  I'll pray for you and your baby.


Hi Tara -   I hope you & baby are still doing well.  I was induced with my first daughter at 38 weeks because of low placental fluid.   Went in for the normal weekly ultrasound and they sent me to the hospital.  I hope everything turns out ok.  Good luck.

Thanks for the replies, we had another ultrasound yesterday and the levels dropped again. The doctors can’t explain why this is happening at 28 weeks because it is usually more common with high blood pressure or uncontrolled diabetes but my A1C has been under 6 my entire pregnancy. So far baby is doing great and growth is right on track. They will monitor baby three times a week until I can no longer safely carry the baby, they are not giving me a time frame of when this might happen but are talking weeks not days so we are hopeful .