Looking for friends

Heyyy everyone!!! I’m 18 i was diagnosed at the age of 11 so it’s been around 8 years… I have been through a lot, starting on 2 injections per day, then I went to having 4 injections per day. I am now currently on the pump and it has been the most amazing thing. My levels have been the best and the hbA1c has been at its lowest in the whole time I’ve had diabetes… I don’t know anyone my age with diabetes which is the reason I’m here… I would like some friends with diabetes…

i have been on a pump for about 7 moths now and i have been finding the pump so much better

hi, I will be your friend. I have had type 1 for 8 years and been on the pump for 7 years. Went to type one summit a couple weeks back to get some tips on living with type 1 in college. Met some really neat people there! I highly encourage you to take advantage of this type of opportunity if it comes up in your area. I found out by looking at your local JDRF website under “EVENTS”.